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Pukekohe Team

Property Management

Annette Beech Pukekohe Property Portfolio Manager
Arean Lubbers Pukekohe Property Portfolio Manager
Brooke Holmes Pukekohe Property Management Administrator
Carmen Jones Pukekohe Property Portfolio Manager
Denise Smyth Pukekohe Property Manager
Donny Tonumaipe'a Pukekohe Letting Specialist
Emma Richards Pukekohe Senior Portfolio Manager
Jasmine Allington Pukekohe Property Management Administrator
Nancy Wech Pukekohe Property Portfolio Manager
Robyn Aston Pukekohe Property Portfolio Manager
Rosalind Pethybridge Pukekohe Property Management Assistant


Chris Courteaud Pukekohe Residential Sales
Cindy Guo Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Diana Cussen Pukekohe Residential Sales
Erin Skelton Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Eugene Tuhaka Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Ina Murphy Pukekohe Residential Sales
James Heard Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
James Taylor Pukekohe Residential Sales
Jane Donald Pukekohe Residential Sales
Kate McIntosh Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Lauren Geayley Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Lifen Wei Pukekohe Residential Sales
Nicola McPherson Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Paula Tuhaka Pukekohe Residential Sales
Peter Blackler Pukekohe Residential Sales
Sarah Kemp Pukekohe Residential Sales
Tania Colville Pukekohe Associate Salesperson
Tayla Cope Pukekohe Residential Sales

Rural Salespeople

Rural Salespeople

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