Carolyn Vernon
Remuera Branch Manager
Carolyn Vernon

Barfoot & Thompson Real Estate Remuera

Taking the hard sell out of real estate.

When envisioning a cliche salesperson, chances are you’ll have visions of a smooth-talking salesperson who will say anything to get a deal over the line.

The culture and people at Barfoot & Thompson Remuera couldn't be more different. Rather than take the hard-sell approach, Carolyn Vernon, Branch Manager at Barfoot & Thompson Remuera, is a firm believer that the best outcomes happen when a client's needs are put first.

"When salespeople are purely focussed upon making a transaction, a client’s needs can be compromised. Worst-case scenario, they are ignored entirely. A common scenario that we see is when vendors are advised to take the first offer that comes through the door. For this reason alone, it suits the salesperson to push for a quick sale," says Carolyn.

"Even if the first offer is good, our experience tells us a better offer can often be found by completing the marketing campaign, tapping into our vast network and basically putting in the hard yards."

When you're talking numbers for your average Remuera home, additional offers can mean a six-figure increase that can help a vendor achieve their next property goal. 

"For us, it's not about the first sale. It's about getting to know people. We want to understand their motivations and expectations, and nurture long-term relationships based on our commitment to do the right thing by them. We know that’s why people come back."

This customer-first ethos has always been a cornerstone of the well-established Barfoot & Thompson Remuera office. It is one reason they've built a loyal following over years in a neighbourhood they love.

As longstanding Remuera residents, Barfoot & Thompson also maintain strong ties to the local community. The whole team is committed to giving back through sponsorship of local schools, events and fundraising for Plunket and Starship.

With around 30 salespeople, a rental division and support staff, the office is always a hive of activity. Don’t worry though - they'll always find time to sit down and have a coffee with anyone that walks in the door.

"Contacting a real estate salesperson can seem daunting. Especially when you're worried about being pressured. When they meet us, that hesitancy disappears when they discover how down-to-earth we are. And that we have their best interests at heart. That is non-negotiable.”