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The Accelerator Programme is aimed at ambitious and self-motivated individuals from all career backgrounds who are brand new to the real estate industry. It's designed to help people succeed quickly, with guidance and support.

Get the very best in training and coaching

The Accelerator programme offers you: 

  • Placement in a Barfoot & Thompson branch
  • Regular coaching from our sales training team and one-on-one personal training and support
  • The chance to apply for a retainer for up to six months
  • All post licence training and compliance costs are included.

Once you successfully complete the programme, you will be on your way to becoming a top real estate salesperson with unlimited earning capacity. You'll also continue to be coached and can attend all of the relevant training provided by the company.

What some of our Accelerator graduates say:

"I found the ongoing training in the Accelerator programme really helpful. Starting in real estate is like jumping into the deep end of a pool, not knowing if you can swim. The Accelerator programme helps to keep you afloat" - Dylan Tracey

"As a recent marketing graduate with a huge student loan, Barfoot & Thompson's Accelerator programme provided me the pathway to succeed. The tips, tricks and real estate gold the trainers imparted meant I was able to excel from the word go. I am now proud to be one of the top salespeople on the north shore in just over two years. Thanks guys!" - Nathan Canton

"It was all the extra training and support that separated this programme from the rest. They really pushed me and made sure I did what I said I was going to do. It just got me going faster which is what I needed" - Ian Du Plessis

"The programme is structured, full of focused training and one-on-one mentorship. It definitely put me in the right mindset from the get go." - William Liang

"The Accelerator programme gave me the greatest head start. The training and ongoing support of the Barfoot & Thompson brand and family helped me gain confidence through knowledge, structure through systems and a base on which to promote myself successfully. Five years on I can definitely say that this is the best career choice I have ever made." - Sara-Jayne Kingston

"Being quite young and with no knowledge of real estate, the program really gave me a good push and guidance. The trainers not only helped me with my questions but also kept me accountable and checked on my progress." - Alex Kramarenko

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