Our interactive property marketing tools help buyers fall in love with your place

The more buyers can engage with your property online, the better they can imagine it as their home. Which is why we'd like to offer you our fantastic suite of interactive tools that drive buyer action. Get in touch to arrange a consultation, and get them for your property.

Real results for your property listing

87% of buyers believe our interactive tools create a better buying experience.
A better buying experience

87% of buyers feel listings with our online interactive tools provide a better buying experience than those without them. More than half say the tools make them more likely to be interested in the property, to contact the agent or to attend an open home. (TRA Research)

Interactive property marketing tools get twice the number of clicks on photo links
More engagement

Properties featuring our interactive tools get almost twice as many clicks on photo links on our website than property listings that don't. (Google Analytics)

Property listings with our interactive marketing tools get twice the number of enquiries
More enquiries

We receive twice as many telephone and email enquiries for properties on our website with our interactive suite of tools than for properties without them. (Google Analytics)

Find out how they work

How do buyers use the tools?

Woman looking at floor plans on tablet
Let them drag their sofa into your living room

Buyers can digitally arrange the furniture they choose in your home to see how it fits.

Woman looking at styling app on tablet
Let them paint your kitchen purple

Kitchen renovators can preview new walls, flooring, counter tops and cabinets.

Woman looking at photo panorama on phone
Let them wander around your place, any time they like

Buyers can walk through your property online, view in 360 degrees and even use a VR headset.

Beautiful floor plans to give buyers the full picture 

2D floor plan
2D floor plan

A clear and beautiful illustration of you home's layout and dimensions.

3D floor plan
3D floor plan

A clear and beautiful illustration of you home's layout and dimensions.

Let's work together

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