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Jeanette Cantwell

A childhood holiday destination has become home for Jeanette Cantwell and now she’s introducing her clients to the magical area which was so special to her in her early years.
As a small child, travelling by train from Frankton, in Hamilton, to Onehunga, then by ferry to Orua Bay on Awhitu Peninsula, was a great adventure for Jeanette. On arrival, a horse and dray would meet the ferry at the little wharf if the tide was in or the big wharf at Orpheus Road if the tide was out. The journey to Watson’s Camp, which no longer exists, was longer from the little wharf, Jeanette remembers.
At age nine-and-a-half years, her family moved to Awhitu on the peninsula where Jeanette went to school. She went to Auckland for further education then moved to Waiuku and later to Matakawau where she has since lived. Now she’s helping others find their slice of paradise to enjoy the wonderful wide vistas of the west coast, Manukau Harbour and the lights of Auckland, which are on offer on the Awhitu Peninsula.
Jeanette spent 20 years commuting to work in a busy South Auckland hospital emergency department. For three of those years she also worked part-time in real estate in the city until she was asked to join the Waiuku branch of Barfoot and Thompson. She started there on April 14, 2009.
Working in real estate requires the same level of organisation as working in the hospital emergency department, according to Jeanette. It’s important to keep your cool at all times because sometimes things happen very slowly in real estate.
In fact, clients of Jeanette’s wrote a special letter praising her “patience, politeness and perseverance” when selling their daughter’s home which had been on the market 15 months. Jeanette says she abandoned all advertising and simply held open homes there whenever she could.
Being careful not to cross personal boundaries is also important in real estate, Jeanette says. Her branch manager says Jeanette shows good judgement, which she considers to be a huge skill.
Honesty and openness are qualities Jeanette also values as well as teamwork. Jeanette says she loves being able to bounce ideas off her colleagues in the Waiuku office.
Awhitu and Waiuku people are always keen to support community projects and are very family-oriented and Jeanette, who has two children and three grandchildren living in this town, believes these are important standards.