Preparing your property for Autumn after a hot summer

Autumn prep teaser

The nights are starting to get cooler and the sun is setting earlier. The arrival of March means that cold weather is creeping our way. While the weather remains sunny and warm now is the time to think of those colder and rainy days. Landlords will want to prepare their properties and maybe give their places a once over.  Here is a quick guide to getting ready for all that Autumn will bring our way.

Prepping your yard

The extremely dry Auckland summer we have just experienced has left lawns stressed. It is really important to fertilize your lawn soon so it will grow back lush and green in the spring.  Parched plants will have dead branches, leaves and flowers that need to be trimmed. Tidy up leaves that have fallen so that water may reach roots of trees and bushes. Leaves make great compost. Collect them and throw them in a wire netting tube. They’ll break down in time for composting prior to spring planting. Fruit trees will require soil treatments to ready them for colder weather so they thrive through the winter. Pull out any plants that have died over the summer. Don’t forget to plant bulbs for spring!

Air conditioning care

You air conditioner unit has probably been working overtime recently and deserves a break.  Before you turn it off for the winter, give it a good clean. If your unit is outdoors call in an expert to clean the coils and give it a good service. If you have been using a heat pump then get out your vacuum cleaner, a soft cloth and gentle cleaner. Unplug it first and give the vents a good clean and wipe down surfaces.

Look at lawn care machinery 

If you have edgers, a leaf blower, mower or other machines dedicated for garden maintenance they may sit idle over the winter months. If you think this may be the case, then drain the petrol tank as this liquid sitting inside for months on end can cause corrosive damage to the parts, shortening their life span.

Get going on those gutters

Clogged gutters can channel water down the side of your home where it eventually damages the foundation and causes other problems. Get out your ladder and clean out debris by hand. If your home is one-story you can get an attachment for your leaf blower that will tidy them in a flash. If this all seems like too much work, call a professional.

Outdoor furniture fix-up

Before you store your outdoor furniture give it a good scrub and power wash with your hose. If you have areas of rust, sand it off and treat them before they go into storage because it could worsen over the winter. If you do not have room to place furniture in a sheltered area then buy a tarpaulin and bungee cords to cover them to protect them from the elements.  Glass tables can be cleaned with warm water, vinegar and dish-washing liquid and stored indoors when feasible.

Get fired up

Clogged chimneys can be hazardous so either clean it yourself or call in a professional before winter arrives. Also, inspect the flue and doors for any damage. Order firewood now for the best prices and selection.

What about windows and doors?

Windows and doors are major sources of heat loss but you can avert this by adding weather stripping. Retailers such as Bunnings and Mitre 10 sell window insulator kits that are serious game changers for warmth and energy efficiency.

It just takes a few days of preparation to prevent major inefficiencies and emergencies so take the time to fortify your property during autumn.