Tenancy types over time

Over the past five years, preferences for tenancy types have changed. We look at our past data to examine the shift.

In 2011, two thirds of all tenancies were periodic, whereas now the tenancies that Barfoot & Thompson manages are split evenly between periodic and fixed-term. 

Fixed-term tenancies of 6-12 months has seen the greatest increase, with a quarter of all tenancies currently being in this range. 

Tenancy type over time

Average rent and length

Our data shows that average rent for fixed-term tenancies is higher than for periodic tenancies, with the amount varying between areas and types of properties. However, periodic tenancies are on average 8 months longer than fixed-term. 

Area / location

The type of tenancy a property has varies amongst areas. Two-thirds of all apartments are on a fixed-term tenancy, influencing the central city which is largely apartment living. 

Franklin, Northland, South and West Auckland have predominantly periodic tenancies, whereas the central and eastern suburbs (along with the North Shore) have mostly fixed-term. 

Number of tenancies per area

New tenancies

In previous years, two-thirds of all new tenancies with Barfoot & Thompson have started on a fixed-term. Historically, half of these then move onto periodic tenancies. This year, however, we have seen an increase in new fixed-term tenancies, with 73% starting this way.