2014 Starship fundraising challenge

Every year Barfoot & Thompson challenges its staff to raise money for the Starship Foundation.

In 2012, we raised $130,000 and in 2013 we raised $200,000. Our target for 2014 was $150,000.

How much have we raised?

We're thrilled to announce that we exceed our target and raised:


Thank you so much to everyone who got involved and supported such an amazing cause.

Past fundraising events

  • Rock for Starship (Glendene, Glen Eden and New Lynn) - raised $8000
  • Cheese making night (Ronelle Henning, Greenhithe) - raised $500
  • A taste of Lebanon (Leila MacDonald, Remuera) - raised $24,425.10 
  • Sausage sizzle (Onehunga Branch) - raised $540 
  • Bollywood night (Priya Shankar, Head Office) - raised $10,500 
  • Leap of Faith (Royal Oak Branch) - raised $7,113.70 
  • Swimathon (Ann Fortune, Head Office) - raised $21,168.00 
  • Rock Show (Soul Agents, Parnell Branch & Head Office) - raised $8,765.00 
  • Annual Barfoot & Thompson Quiz Night - raised $49,000.00
  • Mystery Movie night (Panmure Branch) - raised $5,300.00 
  • Sausage sizzle (Glendene Branch) - raised $4,000.00

What we are fundraising for

We are fundraising for two important pieces of breathing and resuscitation equipment, a Video Laryngoscope and Resuscitation Video system.

Video Laryngoscope - The Video Laryngoscope (La-ryn-go-scope) provides a clear picture of the vocal chords when inserting breathing tubes through the mouth- creating a less traumatic and more efficient procedure system for both patients and doctors.The addition of the video screen also enables trainee doctors to be easily guided by senior doctors when performing the procedure – resulting in a more efficient training system overall for Starship Hospital. The Starship Emergency Department has a number of resuscitations daily and currently these events are not able to be reviewed in detail.

Resuscitation Video System - Functioning much like the black box in an aeroplane, the Resuscitation Video System will enable clinicians to analyse resuscitations and apply their findings towards further enhancements in team and procedure development. This equipment is much needed by the foundation and this year we are on target to ensure they get what they need!

Our history with Starship

Barfoot & Thompson became a sponsor of the Starship Foundation in 2003 and since then have raised over $2.5 million for Starship. In 2012, we raised $130,000 which was used to buy six incubators.

See how last year's fundraising events helped Starship Children's Hospital.