Who is moving to and from Auckland?

The largest number of people moving to Auckland from other areas of New Zealand are from the Waikato, Wellington and Canterbury, Census figures show.

From 2008 to 2013, 11,301 people moved from the Waikato to Auckland, 9201 from Wellington and 8796 from Canterbury.

The Statistics New Zealand figures, which compare the Census usual residence in 2008 to figures in 2013, also show that overall the largest number of people moving to Auckland are from overseas, 131796. This is followed by 102357 people who were not born in 2008 and 80355 who were from New Zealand but ‘not further defined’. It also shows that between this time 994,947 Aucklanders remained in the Auckland region.

On the other hand, the most popular New Zealand regions for Aucklanders to move to are Waikato (15,678), Northland (8,736) and then the Bay of Plenty (7,770).

What New Zealanders are moving to and from Auckland?

Horizontal bar graph that shows what New Zealanders are moving to and from Auckland

Moving to Auckland

Please scroll data
Region moved from
Overseas 131796
Not born five years ago 102357
New Zealand not further defined 80355
Not stated 45885
Waikato region 11301
Wellington region 9201
Canterbury region 8796
Northland region 6897
Bay of Plenty region 6411
Otago region 3642
Manawatu-Wanganui region 3483
Response unidentifiable 3108
Hawke's Bay region 2328
Taranaki region 1608
Gisborne region 825
Nelson region 663
Marlborough region 630
Southland region 537
Tasman region 387
West Coast region 189
No fixed abode five years ago 168
Area outside region 27

Leaving Auckland

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Region moved to
Waikato region 15678
Northland region 8736
Bay of Plenty region 7770
Wellington region 7362
Canterbury region 6264
Otago region 4566
Manawatu-Wanganui region 3369
Hawke's Bay region 2460
Taranaki region 1791
Gisborne region 780
Nelson region 729
Southland region 639
Marlborough region 618
Tasman region 519
West Coast region 282
Area outside region 15

Source: Statistics New Zealand, Regional council area of usual residence five years ago (2008) by regional council area (2013), for the census usually resident population count, 2013 Census

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