On the to-do list for Autumn

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After a scorcher of a Summer, the cooler months are upon us. Which marks the perfect time to give your property a once over, to sort out that seasonal maintenance. Getting on top of it now could save you big issues come Winter (nobody wants to be up a ladder in a storm!). 10 tasks to check off include:


1: GUTTERS – Clear any built-up leaves and debris. Give the gutters a clean. Check for holes or leaks. Install gutter guards if you haven’t got them already (this will save you time, next time).

2: ROOFING - Check for holes, missing or loose tiles, rusted metal sheets, wobbly nails or damaged flashing. Any of these could be a major concern once the wet weather hits.

3: CHIMNEYS - Fireplace been resting? Birds could be nesting. Call in a sweep pre-Winter, to clear out chimneys and flues.

4: SMOKE ALARMS - Test thoroughly to ensure they’re all working. Install new batteries if required.

5: ELECTRICS - Inspect power points, power cords and the switchboard. If you notice any damage or scorching, contact a licensed electrician immediately.

6: AIR CON / HEAT PUMP - Wipe down surfaces, vacuum out and dust vents. Inner workings (cleaning coils, checking ducts and filters etc) may need a professional service. It’s good to do this annually, depending on the age of the unit.

7: WINDOWS & DOORS - Check for drafts under doors. Block any gaps with draft stoppers. Seal windows with weatherstripping. Stores like Bunnings and Mitre 10 sell insulator kits that can seriously boost energy savings.

8: LAWN - Your grass probably took a beating over Summer. Give it a good layer of fertiliser now, so it comes back lush and green in Spring.

9: GENERAL GARDEN - Parched plants will have dead branches, leaves and flowers that need to be trimmed. Fallen leaves will need clearing. Soils enriched. Fruit trees pruned and garden beds mulched.

10: PATHS & DRIVEWAYS - Check for any surface damage. Fix cracks and uneven sections. Use a high pressure hose to blast away any mossy build up, as this can become hazardous in the wet.


Homeowners: Most of these tasks can be ticked off quickly. And putting the time in now can save an ‘odd job’ from becoming a big job later on.

Landlords: At Barfoot & Thompson, we’re known for our excellence in property management. We can work with you to arrange seasonal maintenance as required. For advice or information, simply contact your nearest branch.