Glenn Taylor

Glenn Taylor

Residential Sales
Whangaparaoa Branch
Mobile  021 750 266
Hello Property Seller…Professional Recommendation for Glenn & Maree TaylorIf you are reading this then I imagine you are...
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Glenn Taylor

Residential Sales
Whangaparaoa Branch
Mobile  021 750 266

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Glenn & Maree Taylor
#7 Sales Partnership, Rodney, 6 months ending September 2021

#6 Sales Partnership, Rodney, 6 months ending September 2020
#5 Sales Partnership, Rodney, to end March 2017
#6 Sales Partnership, Rodney, 6 months ending September 2016
#3 Sales Partnership, Rodney, to end March 2016
#2 Sales Partnership, Rodney, 6 months ending September 2015

Glenn Taylor & Maree Taylor : We are a team.

As a team, we know we can make a difference in peoples’ lives. Understanding the market, negotiating expertise and a genuine caring for our clients, are just some of the traits we believe, contribute to not just satisfactory results, but very often an amazing outcome!

When you have sold over 800 houses, as we have, there are challenges that can and often do occur, during and after the sales process. We have the experience to help buyers and sellers navigate these potential problems.

Maree and I have been living and working on the Hibiscus Coast for more than 26 years. We moved here in the 1990’s and both immediately fell in love with the community. Our lives were quickly embedded in the beautiful Hibiscus Coast. Family time was spent at the beach and the park. Everything we needed was close at hand. We never considered living anywhere else, in fact when traffic lights were first installed in the town centre, we took the kids up to show them what progress looked like!

When we’re not working with our clients, our beautiful grandchildren occupy much of our spare time. We are both musicians, Glenn plays guitar and Maree is the singer. We met at a band audition, heavens, all those years ago, and have both performed professionally over the years.

With both of us active in real estate, we try hard to have a good work/life balance and we cover for each other so there is always one of us available to help clients.

Call or email either of us at Barfoot & Thompson Whangaparaoa. We have the experience and there is no doubt we know every inch of the Hibiscus Coast. We look forward to working alongside you.

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What my clients say

Hello Property Seller…

Professional Recommendation for Glenn & Maree Taylor

If you are reading this then I imagine you are ready to appoint a salesperson to market yourproperty. As presumptuous as it may sound, I’d like to congratulate you on the advantage you have in Glenn and Maree representing you. It really is good fortune.

I am an international real estate sales trainer focused on New Zealand and Australian salespeople with remarkable success spanning three decades. The essence of what we teach sales professionals from a perspective of providing valuable advice and from an ethical perspective is contained in the Property Sellers Research Guide, of which I am the author and am confident that you have been given. As you can no doubt imagine there are different standards along with levels of accomplishment that various salespeople either aspire to or reach. Very few make the top.

Glenn and Maree are in the top half a percent of what could only be referred to as the consummate professionals and as such I not only endorse, but encourage you to secure their services as soon as you practically can.

If you’d like to discuss this further I’d welcome a chat at your convenience.

Good Selling…
Mark Dwyer • Real Estate Sales Trainer

Got the job done - and took the stress too!!
Thank you both for everything. We're in our 80's, so needed to be handled with care. Bless you both!! Great Job!

Shirley & David

No One Realises How Much Work You Do!
I lost my husband recently which meant I relied on you both for everything and you didn't let me down. Thank you for always having the best advice and genuinely caring about the best outcome for me.


Top result - Thank You Both!
They fully understand the marketing required for a unique property such as ours. This was reflected in the top result Maree & Glenn achieved for us - a better price than we anticipated. We think you're hard to beat.

Sally & Malcolm

Worth Every Cent !!
Maree's negotiating got us more than we expected ... How much more you ask? So much that, in effect, the commission was free. Thank you .... you two are the best!

Jaqueline & Joel

It's easy to see why you both are so successful!
You both saw real, tangible value in our property that other agents failed to see. Using you both proved to be the best decision we could have made when selling our home. Thanks again for helping us achieve such a great result.

Mandy & Steve

These Two Are The Best!
We have sat where you're sitting, wondering what to do. It could be a VERY costly mistake using the wrong agent when selling. We can only say ....... Glenn & Maree will get you an amazing result too!

Peter & Donna

Advice worth taking.
Your marketing plan was such a success! Our neighbour who came to the market before us, is still here after we sold. The price was excellent, your advice is solid. Thank you for everything.

Jared & Louanne

Grateful thanks to you for helping my Dad.
It was an important journey for us when Dad left our family home. Thank you for being respectful, it was clearly not just another sale to you both. It's a high standard we don't often see in Agents.


(Us) Challenging Sale - (You) Worth every dollar!!
Our unfinished 'Bush clad' home was a difficult proposition, we knew. Your enthusiasm and confidence went a long way with us. We don't believe anyone else could have been better. Thank You, Thank You. .... You guys are worth every penny

Steven & Bridget

There was never going to be anyone else!
We felt we had made the best decision. BUT how does anyone really know? It didn't take too long to find out - thank you for everything, you two are the best choice by far!

David & Ariel

You Make it Look Easy ....!
Your careful advice, and comments to how to add value to our home were gratefully received. What a result! More than we ever thought possible! We both thank you sincerely.

Philip & Clare

No Contest!!!
Glenn & Maree made the others look like newbies. We had the faith - they had the confidence! They delivered in every category! Sign them up!!

Werner & Gabriella

It's easy with Glenn and Maree!!
Thanks for making the difficult process very easy for us.

Alan & Janine

The Thought of Selling our Family Home Was Very Daunting.
We both liked and trusted them. They let us call the shots. I said how much I wanted it marketed for and they didn't argue, they just said 'let's give it a go'.

Mike & Helen

You Did Better Than I Could Have!
We told you that we had a private buyer in the wings who, at the end, offered way less than you actually got for us (even with the fee). Thanks for doing the best at all times. Other owners NEED you both to get the best result possible for them too.

John & Margaret

They were the BEST choice of agents in Arkles Bay!
You get what you pay for they say, but with Maree & Glenn you get a whole lot more than you would expect.

Sandra & Lee

Such a GREAT result for us!
Glenn & Maree were fantastic. Why look any further !!

Ian & Lynda

It's easy to see who the better Agent is!
A cheaper agent quoted a lower sell price and commission. Maree & Glenn said let us prove we can get a better price for you .... and they really did!!
Thanks sincerely for everything.

Tony & Sharon

Our Home Was In The Best Hands.
Without a doubt we knew that choosing Glenn & Maree to market our home in Arkles Bay was our best choice. Their knowledge, experience and passion for the Bay is
evident, and combined with their professionalism, was a winning combination. Thank you Glenn & Maree for a great result.

Peter & Karen

We Were Safely SOLD!
Glenn & Maree were recommended to market our home. We have never sold a house in New Zealand and were a little nervous about it. We need not have stressed. We are
so pleased we got them - they were exceptional Agents.

Pauline & Ray

Just Do What They Suggest!!
Ours SOLD with the best ever price in our street. THEY made our home look worth more. The house next door remains unsold. They should have gone to Glenn & Maree too!

Barry & Jenny

You Both Have Made A Difference In Our Lives!
The difference you made in our lives is amazing. Thank you for everything. When it went wrong, you dealt with it! We would never ever consider anyone else. Your experience shows through above all other Agents.


What An Amazing Result!
We know you did the best you could to get a great result for us. The 'full asking price' offer was way beyond anything we could expect! Your daily updates were also excellent, and we knew what was going on every step of the way.

Judith & Kevin

'The End Result Will Be Good' You Both Said!
'Just follow the proven process that's worked for many other owners' you said. You did what you said you would
do, the way you said you would do it, and it all made perfect sense when the great result came in. Thank you both for everything!!

Brad & Claire

You Got Us Far More Than The Cheaper Agent Said They Could!!
They seemed a little more expensive by comparison, but based on the fantastic result they got for us, they certainly were a whole lot better.

Eric & Gwyneth

Regular Communication Is Very Important to us!!
Maree and Glenn are both excellent agents. I was extremely happy and appreciated both Glenn and Maree's very professional manner and very regular updates and communication throughout the process of selling our home.

Steve & Heather

When You Did It, We Couldn't Believe It!!
We're very pleased to recommend them and their services, their recommendation on HOW to sell resulted in two offers on
the same day - for full asking price!!

Gary & Liz

After 30 Years My Home Is Sold!
They explained clearly the steps to be taken marketing my property and the strategies used to obtain the best price on today's market. I truly felt I was in good hands.


You Did More Than We Ever Expected For A Great Outcome!!
Glenn & Maree have worked very professionally with us but in a friendly and respectful manner. Their sound marketing advice resulted in a good sale of our challenging property.

Joy & Shayle

You NEED Maree & Glenn!! When you told us the final SELL Price, I had to ask if you were talking about OUR house. It was amazing, and has allowed us to do so much more than we ever expected in our immediate future. We're on our way, thank you, thank you!

Nigel & Jo

A Winning Team!!
You proved that your negotiating skills, professionalism and friendly personalities were a winning combination for us. What an amazing result you presented us with!!

Kathy & Jason

A Very Big THANK YOU To You Both!
We found them very approachable explaining everything fully and making us feel very much at ease. Their strategy to sell was PERFECT for our timing!!

Vernice & David
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