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Tim Webb

How To Create FREE Money And Nail Your Dream Selling Price.

Dear Homeowner ...

If you're about to sell your Auckland property, this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

For most homeowners, selling up means unexpected interruption and intrusion along with moments of undue pressure and overwhelm that tend to leave you struggling with a result that didn't comply with your expectations.

I will change all that and make it fun again.

Let me tell you about a little-known yet remarkable event that happened about 14 months after the GFC hit in 2007 ...

Two brick and tile properties sitting side by side in Takapuna on Auckland's North Shore were sold at 3:10pm on a Wednesday.

They'd been renovated to a high standard and both were identical in every way.

Same land size, floor area, floor plan, interior d?cor and fittings. Built from the same materials right down to the recycled wrought iron deck railings, the shrubs and trees in the garden and the potted colour and bark that lined each driveway.

They were picture postcard perfect.

Each property had a registered valuation of $425,000, yet Unit One sold for $410,000 and Unit Two for $491,000.

What made the difference of $81,000?

Unit One was marketed 'By Negotiation' because the agent thought this method of sale best in a buyer's market, and his client thinking she was getting the right information, believed him.

Unit Two next door was a mortgagee sale and sold under the hammer at Auction.

Same properties, same market, same buyers, but how Unit Two was represented and perceived by buyers, along with the method of sale was critical in achieving an additional $66,000 windfall over and above its $425k valuation.

Winning stories of properties selling for life-changing money don't just happen.

They are born from hands-on, custom built marketing strategies that deliver.

If you want to create free money and nail your dream selling price, how your property is represented and perceived in the market, matters.

Finding an agent who understands this process matters even more, because they're key to unlocking and exposing instant, tangible value in your property, persuading buyers by positioning your home as the obvious "logical" choice over the competition, and ethically influencing them to pay more all within 25 days or less.

This is my unique, structured and systemised formula I have crafted and perfected over the years, but let me tell you in the beginning, I sucked at it.

My understanding of selling real estate was sign-em-up, throw some images online, put a sign in the front yard, do some open homes, hand out some brochures and eventually sell the property.

It was cringeworthy and I looked like a rookie.

I was stealing value (clipping the ticket) instead of creating and contributing value, and I knew it was wrong.

"You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want" is a Zig Ziglar mantra I have lived by for a very long time, so instinctively I knew I had to up my game.

Another popular Zig quote is "People don't buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons" and this is why Unit Two in Takapuna sold for a premium price.

It was well-presented, perceived as a bargain-buy which attracted multiple buyers which lead to FOMO (fear of missing out) which lead to frenzied emotional bidding and a momentary loss of buyer logic resulting in a sale price 13.5
over valuation.

Tell me, would $66,000 of free money look and feel better in your pocket, or someone else's?

Another thing ...

If I can show you how to extract up to an additional 6 figures in value from your property upfront and get it sold, I've effectively covered my fee along with your next winter holiday, carved a chunk off your mortgage and created an unexpected nest egg for either yourself or for your kids Uni fund.

I've already helped dozens of clients do just that because this is how I work.

Over the past 18 months I've been featured on Newshub, TVNZ's Seven Sharp and One News Now, The Spin Off, been interviewed by the NZ Herald and also Mike Hosking and Leighton Smith on Newstalk ZB because my unique method of showcasing and presenting my clients properties in the marketplace draws massive attention, and life-changing results.

So, if you've been patient enough to read this far, it's time for you to be rewarded too ...

Get the process of achieving your dream selling result underway right now, because you're in the right place.

I'm waiting to hear from you ...


I was left speechless but ecstatic. If you are wanting to buy or sell property, then go straight to Tim Webb. Look no further, as this man will not fail you. He is a true professional.
Lynda Walton - Lynfield, Auckland

We immediately felt relaxed and confident in Tim's hands. His marketing plan was innovative, the advertising copy eye-catching and thoughtfully constructed and his open and honest manner leaves us in no doubt that we would recommend his service to others.
Helen Drummond & Tom Beren - Takapuna, Auckland

Tim is a great Real Estate Agent. He has a great personality and is enthusiastic and keen to help whenever and wherever. No request was too much bother.
Liz & Charlotte Mills - Glenfield, Auckland

In marketing our home, Tim proved to us he was prepared to do whatever it took to get the attention of prospective purchasers. He's warm, enthusiastic and not afraid to laugh at himself. We have no hesitation in recommending Tim Webb.
Vicki Febery - Birkenhead, Auckland

I find Tim to be highly professional, scrupulous in his honesty and integrity and an entirely pleasant fellow to work with. He achieved multiple offers and a top market price in just a few days. I would highly recommend him as first choice when it comes to trusting an agent to work hard for you and get the right result! What a bloody lovely man to have on your team.
Brian Mearns - Beach Haven, Auckland

We had never sold a house before, but when it came time to put our house on the market, with Tim on board we were 100 percent comfortable, 100 percent of the time. He had a clear process that he explained to us, and he followed it every step of the way. His communication, work ethic, marketing and discretion was outstanding and he had our house sold in 8 days.
Katie Jones & Simon Houghton - Birkenhead, Auckland

Simply put, he has been excellent and I would recommend him to anyone. He has been a welcome balance of enthusiastic, excited, measured and professional. At no time did he mismanage expectations, over promise and he never under delivered. He is a superb ambassador for the brand, and your office. Thanks for everything again, we are ecstatic.
Craig Sims - Glenfield, Auckland

Tim exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the process. Great candor and affability and accommodating. He is really easy to communicate with and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to sell. He really went all out and you couldn't ask for a better real estate agent.
Jo Davison - Birkenhead, Auckland

Previous experience with another real estate company had left us in a very negative state of mind. Tim's optimism inspired us to snap back into action and think of what we could do to improve the saleability. This change in attitude on our part was pivotal in the final result and the price achieved at Auction surpassed our expectations.
Dee Castleton-Reid - Beach Haven, Auckland

Tim is a fantastic real estate agent and I would thoroughly recommend him for anyone in the market looking to sell or buy.
Sarah Ross - Beach Haven, Auckland

Tim has recently acted on a sale wherein where we were trustees, and therefore clients. The sale was not straightforward; however Tim acted with true professionalism at all times. He was responsive to all client needs and showed a great determination to get the best price, and negotiate the best terms possible for the vendor. We appreciated his manner, going straight to the heart of the matter in a clear cut way without overlooking common courtesy and politeness.
Neil Murray - Armstrong Murray Solicitors, Takapuna, Auckland

Now days, you hardly get that kind of help from people who give up their time for free. You're an amazing agent Tim.God bless you.
The Brahne Family - Birkdale, Auckland

I recently purchased a property through Tim whilst based overseas in SE Asia. The entire process was very smooth from start to finish. Tim listened to my criteria and eventually found me the perfect property without sending through irrelevant listings. Tim was particularly helpful in arranging a builder of my choosing and was always upfront and honest in answering all my questions. He was genuinely a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitations in recommending him to other expats. I would definitely call on him again for future investments.
Clare Zitek - Vietnam

"Tim is really approachable, and friendly. He really helped keep us calm throughout the entire process, because selling your home can be a very stressful time in your life, and I can't thank him enough. It was a great experience.
Jess & Jordan Rawlings - Algies Bay, Auckland

"If you are looking for an agent to sell your home, choose Tim Webb. Just do it!
We have our house on the market with him as of today, we chose him because he came super highly recommended by trusted friends on our street, whom he helped sell their home last year.
We called him, he was so enthusiastic, a great listener, and a very nice chap. So we met him and found the same to be true in person.
We called a bunch of other agents, they where nice, polite, interested, non-committal - no shutzpa.
Tim has it in spades!!!
He is keen, so very personable, real, empathetic, energetic, visionary and dedicated.
We had heaps to do, he came and helped, we had loads of questions, he did the legwork and got the answers, we were happy to try something new in the marketing, and he created an amazing video full of creativity and cleverness, topped off with a healthy dose of fun.
Tim and his team really do an amazing job.
Tim is the guy who will go the extra mile to make your dreams come true, let him help you achieve your dreams, you won't regret it!"
Sarah and Will Thomson - Beach Haven, Auckland

I would recommend Tim because he nails the marketing campaign better than anybody. He goes above and beyond what he promises to achieve for you. He has very high standards in preparation, because he understands what people will like. Best of all, he doesn't "BS" you.
Greg & Kay Longstaff - Shelly Park, Auckland