We will work with you to complete the initial setup of the body corporate in conjunction with your solicitor. As a developer, time, budget and communication will be at the forefront for your search for the right company. We will set your body corporate on the right track from the outset and provide services for smooth day-to-day operations once people begin to purchase and eventually move in.

Our Services

Our services to developers are provided completely free of charge. We will prepare rules, budget source costings, service providers, set levy appointments and provide all documents at sale including hand-over and disclosure statements or Certificates of Deed. We do not charge anything until the majority of units have been sold and the first annual budget is in operation.

How we get started

Our extensive knowledge of what is required to establish and register your body corporate is yours to leverage for a streamlined and cost-effective process. To begin, we will need to see your plans for the development, so that we can discuss all the relevant requirements and the likely rules which will govern the completed body corporate. We will also consider budget during our initial consultation.

Your goals are our priority

Our team’s pragmatic approach to administrative and operational processes, ensures that your development is structured according to industry best practices thus appealing to buyers and, once completed, providing residents with a stress free place to live.

Customised services

We customise our services to meet the needs of each individual developer. Ideally, we will be involved in the early stages of your project. In this phase, our focus is making sure operational efficiencies are maximised. On this topic, we offer strategic advice that will benefit residents in the future. Among many other services in the sales and development phase, we work to calculate realistic administrative budgets and levies and prepare agreements.

A smooth transition

Finally, we work diligently to make sure the transition from the developer to the first owner’s committee is effortless and is completed with confidence. We will focus on areas that include accounts preparation, earmarking of obligations, insurance, health and safety plans and the coordination of the first meetings.

Service after the fact

We are available to continue our services to ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly after the development phase. The committee is encouraged to contact one of our team members, to secure a free quote to engage our body corporate services on a permanent basis.

Barfoot & Thompson Body Corporate developer consultancy services includes:

  • Project planning assistance at conception stage
  • Meaningful budgets for the first year
  • Insurance validation report coordination
  • Legislative advice on local rules or model rules
  • Disclosure statements
  • Call and convene inaugural General Meeting
  • Long Term Maintenance Plan and / or Sinking fund forecast coordination
  • Advise on common property issues
  • Creation of owners corporation rules
  • Liaise with external suppliers and consultants
  • Establish books and records
  • Provision of relevant state-specific certificates required for sale
  • Energy consulting service
  • Vetting of all service providers including security, license and certification checking.