Body corporate roles and responsibilities

Understand the different roles associated with body corporates and what those people do.


Each unit owner is a member of the body corporate. You automatically become a member when you purchase a unit title.

Body corporate committee

The body corporate committee is made up of people elected by the body corporate. The role of committee varies; it’s up to the body corporate to decide what they would like their committee to take responsibility for. The committee is elected during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Any decisions that the committee makes are decided by a simple majority vote. Read more about body corporate governance.

Body corporate chairperson

The chairperson is elected at the AGM. Their term of office runs until the close of the next AGM (unless they resign or are removed earlier). To be eligible to be the chairperson you must own a principal unit in the development and your name must be on the title of the unit. Find out more about body corporate elections.

The chairperson looks after the administrative elements of the body corporate management. A professional manager may be contracted to carry out the duties of the chairperson, in accordance with the instructions of the chairperson or the committee.

Body corporate manager or body corporate secretary

A professional body corporate manager or secretary can take the stress out of running the various administrative functions that a body corporate is responsible for.

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