Introducing My Community - Connect and collaborate anytime

My Community is a secure portal for property owners, committee members and tenants. It’s the easy way to pay bills, view important documents, create events, and connect with others.

The My Community portal is available to all new Barfoot & Thompson Body Corporate clients.

Features and benefits

Online statements and payments

View your account, find invoices and receipts and make secure payments. Track your enquiries directly through the portal. Board members can even view community-wide financial statements.

Submit & track requests

Easily lodge maintenance and service requests with your property manager. Track your request via a unique ticket number. Receive email notifications if there is a comment or update on your ticket.

View and share documents

Receive notifications when documents are published. Setup viewing permissions so that only those authorised to view documents can do so.

Communicate via the Community Wall

The Community Wall is the new social hub for your community. Post messages, collaborate and communicate in a secure and private forum.

Customise your Community

Choose from a selection of free templates to create your own unique Community.

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