Prepping Your Property During Isolation

Taking the right steps can help your home stand out from the competition. Now is the time to start planning your strategy so you can hit the ground running or get your property listed before lockdown ends.

Here are some tips to help you figure out what to do before you sell, and how to attract buyers' attention.

Check out the competition
Go online and see what is for sale in your neighbourhood comparable to your home. Note the price points and how the homes are presented. Does it look like they are using a home staging service? What are some small special amenities or features that they are offering that you could duplicate? This could be things like nice landscaping, a security system, modern light fixtures or a large deck. Notice which photos you like and later you can ask your salesperson and photographer to replicate them. Or if you are looking to list now, you can try to replicate these images yourself.

Understand the market
To get a feel for current market conditions in these uncertain times, we strongly suggest leaning on your salesperson for their expertise. If you are seeking guidance as to whether it makes sense to list your home following the lockdown, you can count on Barfoot & Thompson salespeople to act with honesty and integrity. There is no one answer that will apply to all properties, so seek out bespoke advice that will be customised to your property and which could also include a free virtual appraisal available during this lockdown period. An informed seller is a prepared seller and one that will achieve a better outcome.

Consider investing in staging and start a strategy
Now would be the time to book a home staging expert. There may be an increased demand for their services if you do plan to list your home after the lockdown ends. This is also an opportune time to get tips and a bid from landscapers who can make your garden shine. Email them photos and a brief as to what you are looking to do. Many would be willing to submit proposals electronically. Also worth booking in advance are cleaning services as they are sure to be busy once people are out of their homes.

Clear the clutter
Since you are at home, set aside some time to declutter rooms. Look to rearrange furniture or donate items that are no longer needed or wanted or that are too personal. People need to be able to visualise themselves in your space so you don’t want anything that will distract them. Take one room a day and make it your goal to get through the house by the end of the isolation period. Even if you decide not to sell, a good declutter will make you feel better and more comfortable in your home.

What’s on the outside matters
You may not be able to buy new plants or tools but give the garden and the outside of your house some consideration. This is a great time to clean windows, weed gardens, waterblast or sweep the driveway and mow the lawns. Think about all of those jobs you have to put off when your work, family and social commitments are in the way. At the same time, you can make a list of the things you should prioritise when lockdown ends and you can get to the DIY stores.

Salespeople and branch managers are ready to talk through your options. You have plenty of downtime to ponder their advice, plan and prepare. Selling your home is a big decision and we will be with you every step of the way. We know this time of uncertainty can lead to stress but we have been through market fluctuations before and we will weather this storm too.