Progress of the housing cycle

04 July 2022

With monetary policy tightening at three times the speed of the last tightening cycle, it is increasingly likely mortgage rates have hit their peak and we will see long term rates falling by the end of the year. Tony Alexander explains.

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As good a time as any to buy or sell

29 June 2022

If you're buying a house that will become your home, you are likely to own it for 7 or 8 years. Within that timeframe the market will go through several cycles, and time will ultimately take care of the price.

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Slowing growth not like the past

01 June 2022

Although the Treasury and the Reserve Bank see economic growth continuing for the next few years, Tony Alexander assesses what a recession could look like for the vast majority of businesses and people—and it's not like the past.

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Migration losses

03 May 2022

The latest Statistics NZ data has been released surrounding long-term migration flows for the NZ economy. Tony Alexander highlights the important issues that come with net migration losses beyond the numbers.

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Impact of the cycle turning

03 May 2022

As we enter a downward trend in the real estate sector cycle, Tony Alexander evaluates how property developers, investors and real estate agents may be impacted if they have only experienced the market while it's hot.

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Nine steps to buying your first home

19 April 2022

Buying a house for the very first time may have you feeling a little stressed or nervous. If you're about to take that step onto the property ladder, do your home work and planning first to help you move ahead with confidence. We’ve put together the following steps to help you on your way.

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Time to check for tricky trees!

08 April 2022

With the wild weather of Winter on its way, now is the perfect time to check for any potentially hazardous trees on your rental property, and sort them out before they become a problem. Question is, do you need to hire a professional arborist, or is it a quick DIY? We’ve created a ‘tricky tree’ checklist to help you make the right call.

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Auckland prices not down 18%

04 April 2022

Auckland house prices have reported a decline in 2022, but the rate at which they're declining depends on what price you choose to measure. Tony Alexander explains.

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An adjustment underway

26 February 2022

Tony Alexander offers insight into the long anticipated adjustment the housing market is beginning to encounter and what this means for house prices.

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