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Winter comfort on a budget

21 May 2024

As the chill of winter sets in, there's something undeniably appealing about retreating to the warmth and comfort of home. Here are a few simple ideas to help you dial up the snug-factor, and get through those colder months with ease.

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Return of the investors

17 November 2023

Despite upcoming changes in tax rules impacting interest deductibility, investors are re-entering the real estate market. Tony Alexander explains more in this article.

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Housing prospects improving

17 November 2023

The outlook for residential property investors has improved quite substantially over the past few weeks.. Tony Alexander explains more in this article.

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Under the Roof with Lani Allard

08 March 2023

Under the Roof: The people behind the property is an interview series that aims to get to know the wonderful people behind Barfoot & Thompson. To kick things off, we chat to Lani Allard, our 2022 Rising Star of the Year and Residential/Lifestyle Salesperson at Waimauku branch, in this special International Women's Day edition.

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Turning of the housing cycle

23 February 2023

Tony Alexander explains that the downward leg of the housing cycle - which started in the second half of 2021 - has come to an end. Using data from REINZ, we see that it is mainly first-home buyers that are driving the shift.

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Housing fundamentals are slowing shifting

22 February 2023

Tony Alexander explains there are a great number of interesting things happening with regard to the residential real estate market in Auckland and most of them fall on the positive side for turnover and prices - though not necessarily for the next few months.

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Pet Friendly Rental Properties: An Analysis

21 February 2023

Over 64% of Kiwis own a pet, however, rental properties that are pet-friendly can be hard to come by. We review which regions of Auckland have the highest percentage of pet-friendly rentals and what this means for rent prices.

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Happy holidays, from all four corners of the globe

06 December 2022

Christmas is a popular date on the Kiwi calendar, but with a diverse workforce, there's plenty more holidays to celebrate. We talk to a few of our expat colleagues, to find out what their favourite ‘back home’ festivities are, and what the upcoming holiday season has in store.

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Interest rates and real estate sales

03 October 2022

Tony Alexander provides a look into the future regarding changing mortgage interest rates and real estate sales, while also discussing why the current mortgage interest rates haven't led to a housing and economic slump.

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Young buyers returning

03 October 2022

The presence of first home buyers has been the most significant change in the Auckland residential real estate market over the past month. Tony Alexander explores the factors leading to this, as well as if it will be sustainable going forward.

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Progress of the housing cycle

04 July 2022

With monetary policy tightening at three times the speed of the last tightening cycle, it is increasingly likely mortgage rates have hit their peak and we will see long term rates falling by the end of the year. Tony Alexander explains.

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As good a time as any to buy or sell

29 June 2022

If you're buying a house that will become your home, you are likely to own it for 7 or 8 years. Within that timeframe the market will go through several cycles, and time will ultimately take care of the price.

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Slowing growth not like the past

01 June 2022

Although the Treasury and the Reserve Bank see economic growth continuing for the next few years, Tony Alexander assesses what a recession could look like for the vast majority of businesses and people—and it's not like the past.

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Migration losses

03 May 2022

The latest Statistics NZ data has been released surrounding long-term migration flows for the NZ economy. Tony Alexander highlights the important issues that come with net migration losses beyond the numbers.

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Impact of the cycle turning

03 May 2022

As we enter a downward trend in the real estate sector cycle, Tony Alexander evaluates how property developers, investors and real estate agents may be impacted if they have only experienced the market while it's hot.

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Nine steps to buying your first home

19 April 2022

Buying a house for the very first time may have you feeling a little stressed or nervous. If you're about to take that step onto the property ladder, do your home work and planning first to help you move ahead with confidence. We’ve put together the following steps to help you on your way.

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Time to check for tricky trees!

08 April 2022

With the wild weather of Winter on its way, now is the perfect time to check for any potentially hazardous trees on your rental property, and sort them out before they become a problem. Question is, do you need to hire a professional arborist, or is it a quick DIY? We’ve created a ‘tricky tree’ checklist to help you make the right call.

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Auckland prices not down 18%

04 April 2022

Auckland house prices have reported a decline in 2022, but the rate at which they're declining depends on what price you choose to measure. Tony Alexander explains.

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An adjustment underway

26 February 2022

Tony Alexander offers insight into the long anticipated adjustment the housing market is beginning to encounter and what this means for house prices.

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REINZ Awards 2021

16 September 2021

Barfoot & Thompson retains REINZ Large Agency of Year award, in addition to this achievement, Barfoot & Thompson Pukekohe won the Large Residential Office of the Year – Volume award.

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House Prices Not A Barrier To Buying

19 July 2021

Even though house prices nationally are at or near record prices, it is not a reason for those with the ability to meet mortgage repayments and have stable employment to hold back from entering the market.

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Celebrating The Year Of The Ox

02 February 2021

Gifting red envelopes containing money is a Lunar New Year tradition symbolizing good luck and fortune. This year, we’re excited to give away a very special Year of the Ox red themed envelope to celebrate with our people and community.  

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Fatherly advice on working together as a family

02 September 2020

It's Father's Day, a time when we acknowledge the contributions and affection that we have for the men who raised us. As a family company, we applaud setting aside a day to pause and celebrate these often unsung heroes, who are there for us - again and again.

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Spring Maintenance

30 August 2020

Spring is the ideal time to take care of any winter build-up. Find out what maintenance you could consider for Spring.

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The perfect present for a housewarming gift

21 July 2020

The purchase of a new home is something worth commemorating. Buying a gift for the proud new owner is a thoughtful gesture. For it to be meaningful, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here’s a few appropriate ideas to get you started.

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Winter Wall Coverings

18 July 2020

With winter here, now is the perfect time to focus a little attention on your indoor areas. Changing up your walls can be an affordable game changing solution for a new look that can be coordinated with your current furniture.

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Listing in the winter

14 June 2020

With winter now upon us, we are turning on heat pumps and pulling woolly jumpers out of the drawers. Winter is a time for good food, cosy blankets and gathering around the fire for a chat. 

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Overall Company Awards

20 May 2020

Lights, Camera, Action! Over the past four days, we recognised our regional top performers through our virtual awards. Tonight, in the same fashion, we recognise the best of the best.

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Regional Awards - Northland, Rodney and Commercial

16 May 2020

Each year we look forward to celebrating the achievements of our people through the annual Barfoot & Thompson Awards Ceremony. During our first-ever virtual awards, we recognized our people from the Northland and Rodney branches as well as our Commercial teams. 

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Mother and child sales team duos

08 May 2020

On this special day, honouring mothers on Mother's Day, as a family-owned company we’ve taken a moment to check in with some mother/daughter and mother/son sales teams.

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Keeping Your Mind and Body Strong

08 April 2020

We have just ticked off two weeks in lockdown. While we are all taking proactive precautionary measures like washing our hands and social distancing to preserve our physical health, your mental health is just as important.

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Prepping your property during isolation

05 April 2020

Taking the right steps can help your home stand out from the competition. Now is the time to start planning your strategy so you can hit the ground running or get your property listed before lockdown ends.

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Body Corporate attraction

11 February 2020

With house prices on the increase in Auckland, buyers and investors are continuously looking to alternative investment options. Body Corporate properties are becoming increasingly popular and are attracting all sorts of attention beyond single professionals.

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Water Saving

11 February 2020

The current water shortage will continue to worsen as the weather forecast does not predict any rain in the near future. This summer has been one of the driest on record and there is a need to go above and beyond normal efforts to conserve water.

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Best in Asia Pacific

02 December 2019

Barfoot & Thompson wins Best Real Estate Agency and Best Marketing in Asia Pacific at the International Property Awards 2019

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Barfoot & Thompson wins EY Family Business Award

20 September 2019

At EY’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 ceremony, New Zealand’s largest privately owned real estate company, Barfoot & Thompson received the Family Business Award for its extraordinary longevity and community service.

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Rental research strategies

30 July 2019

It is no secret that Auckland has a competitive rental market. For those on the hunt for their ideal rental property, having a strategy in place is a great starting point and as we know a good strategy is based on great research. 

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Winter is a wonderful time to sell

04 July 2019

Instinct may tell you that summer, when the weather is warm, is the ideal time to place your property on the market. While it may seem counter intuitive, winter is actually a good time to list your home for many reasons. Let’s look into why the colder months are a hot time to sell.

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Renting vs. Buying

16 June 2019

Our dedicated in-house statistics team have crunched the numbers. Find out how the cost of weekly interest payments compare to average weekly rental rates in Auckland.

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Tips to keep your property warm this winter

13 June 2019

After a glorious autumn filled with sunshine and warm days, winter has arrived. As we know, the increase in electrical bills when you plug in heaters and turn on those heat pumps are painful for your wallet. Here you will find a mix of easy tips for property owners and renters.

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Barfoot & Thompson - Partners in Belmont Village Project

13 August 2018

We are pleased to announce that Barfoot & Thompson is launching the first Kiwibuild development in Pukekohe called Belmont Village, which is delivered as part of the government’s Kiwibuild scheme and developed by Ngai Tai Whenua Ltd and constructed by Latham Construction.

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Quarterly Auckland rental update

07 August 2017

Returns for Auckland landlords look to be on the up, with average gross rental yields in over half the city's suburbs rising in the first half of 2017 compared with the same period last year.

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Auckland's top 20 hot spots

14 February 2017

In Auckland's top 20 suburbs, the median sales price was up $215,000 in 2016 from the year before, according to our list of real estate 'hot spots'.

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