Getting your house ready to sell in summer

Summer is a hot time of the year to sell and recent promising median price gains are compelling people to reconsider waiting to put their home on the market. Additionally, properties available for sale have declined and are holding back sales activity. So in short, there are currently many opportunities for vendors willing to make a move now. Here are five things that you can do to ensure your property is presented at its best.

1.  Get an appraisal

Our salespeople are expertly skilled at assessing value and they integrate their knowledge of the neighbourhood and the current market. Appraisals are pressure-free and come with zero obligation.

2. Think about first impressions

Before a buyer enters your home, they’ve already formed an opinion based on what they’ve seen from the road. Freshly cut lawns, a well cared for garden or hedge, clean paintwork on the house exterior and water blasted concrete and fences make a huge difference and will make the buyer want to step inside.

3. Declutter and clean

Remove clutter from all your spaces so that potential buyers can visualise themselves in the house.  This includes removing very personalised art and family photos.

4. Repairs and renovations

Get to those repairs that you have been putting off.  Embrace your inner DIY-er and tackle things like plaster cracks, leaks, rusty squeaky hinges, cracked glass and other things that people will notice.

5. Stage the house for buyers
While it is not a must-do to put your home on the market, it is at least worth a little research and a couple of calls to see what home staging would run you.