How to complete your entry inspection report

Moving into a new rental property? Find out why it's important to spend some time going through your entry inspection report.

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What is an entry inspection report

An entry inspection or in-going inspection is a detailed report that notes the condition of your rental property - inside and out.

Your property manager will have completed this report, noted any issues and supplied you with a copy. It's your job to check the report and add your own comments and photos. It's the best way to avoid problems further down the track.

What do I need to do?

You will have been provided with an inspection form that is tailored to your property. Use it to check the condition of each room, the exterior and garden if there is one. 

Your property manager will have taken digital photos of the property, but it's a good idea for you to take some too, for your own reference.

What should I check?

  1. Check the taps and plumbing, the lights and the included chattels such as whiteware and appliances, to make sure everything works and there's no leaks
  2. Open and close the windows to make sure they shut properly in every room
  3. Look for holes in the wall, marks or any other damage. Make a note of where it is and take digital photos
  4. Note the position of the smoke alarms and test that they are working. It is your responsibility to make sure these keep working during your tenancy - replacing batteries if needed - and to report any issues to your property manager immediately.
  5. Refer to the special conditions on your tenancy agreement regarding your garden and lawns. If you're responsible for maintaining them, take lots of photos and make note of the conditions when you arrive - that's how you'll need to leave it when you move out.

Send your report back to your property manager

Once you’re satisfied with your notes and photos, send the inspection report back to your property manager within 14 working days.