Getting to the top of the rental application pile in a competitive market

rental application

The rental market is hot in Auckland so it is currently competitive with lots of people applying for a single property. In order to get yourself to the top of the pile of applications, a strategy is necessary. Here’s our top five tips that can get you into the place that you have your heart set on:

Pay attention to detail on your application

You want to make a good first impression and an accurate and complete rental application is the way to do that. When completing the application think of it as a job interview and ensure that information is completed as neatly and comprehensively as possible. Leaving fields blank or incomplete, can result in landlords moving onto the next candidate.

Show your enthusiasm and get in your application quickly

If you have attended a viewing and you are in love with a place, follow-up immediately with the property manager either via email or telephonically expressing your interest. If you're completing an online application, follow this up with an email to the property manager with supporting documents to ensure that your application has been received. Being extra helpful could  be your point of difference.

Be specific and proactive

When asked about the term of the lease, be specific so that the landlord has all the relevant details when making a decision.Go the extra mile by including additional information such as a covering letter sharing a little about yourself and why you love the property. Including a photo of yourself and your family may also be a nice touch This provides further insight as to your personality and about you as a tenant. Also get your paperwork and supporting documents sorted ahead of starting your rental search so you can get ahead of the line with your application. 

References can open the door

Reference letters from previous landlords are a great way to make the case that you are the best applicant for a rental. If you haven’t rented before, getting a reference from someone of good standing such as your employer, a real estate agent or a community leader. 

If you've got pets, go overboard with details

There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to pets. Share as much information as you can such as their day time habit or if they will sleep indoors or outdoors. Maybe also include a photo of your furry friend. 

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