Moving out of your rental property

There's a few things you need to do when you move out of your rental property, to make the process run as smoothly as possible, and ensure you get your bond back.

How to leave your rental property

Completing these steps when you move out of your rental property is the best way to get your bond return underway, get a great reference from your landlord or property manager and make sure you have a seamless moving day.

Leave no loose ends

Make sure all of your bills are up to date. Cancel services likes electricity, gas or phone, and redirect your mail.

If you're not sure whether anything is outstanding, contact your property manager - they can look into it for you. 

Give everything a deep clean

Your rental property needs to look as good as it did when you first moved in.

Top Tip: Ask your property manager for the in-going inspection photos. This will refresh your memory on the property's original condition.

Clean the kitchen and bathrooms from top to bottom, giving the oven, toilet and sinks a thorough clean, as well as inside all of the cupboards. Clean light shades, windows, walls and ceilings and any other surfaces that you know may be more exposed to grime.

A thorough vacuum is a must, and if the carpet is still dirty or if there's a stubborn stain, it may require a deeper clean. All of the flooring should be mopped and sparkling. And if you've had pets living with you, pay extra attention. 

The outside of the house is just as important too. Mow the lawns, weed the garden, trim the hedges and sweep the paths. If you're not sure what your obligations are with the external cleaning, contact your property manager.

Remember, if you don't leave the house clean and tidy, you may be required to pay the costs of bringing it up to the required standard.

Common cleaning mistakes

  1. Skirting boards: You’ll be surprised what a simple wipe will do
  2. Light switches & bulbs: Polish away the finger marks around light switches and don’t forget to change broken bulbs
  3. Window sills: With the Auckland climate, mould and mildew build up is common. Even if the property is well ventilated this is often overlooked
  4. Rubbish & chattels: You may think you are being generous in leaving behind furniture but we don't want it and it all needs to all go. Before you dump it, contact City Mission
  5. Ovens: These aren't the easiest to clean, so make sure you give yourself adequate time or book a professional cleaner.

Getting the bond back

Your property manager can provide you with a bond refund form. Make sure you give them the correct bank account details so there's no delay in getting that bond back.

If there's multiple tenants on the agreement make sure everyone signs the form. Clearly indicate what % of the bond refund goes into each account. This is a common cause for delay.

Moving day

Make sure that you remove all rubbish and possessions from the property, lock the house when you leave and return your all the keys to your property manager. Give them your forwarding address for any stray mail too.