Hacks for small gardens

Small garden hacks

Large gardens sometimes get sacrificed to stay within budget when searching for a property to rent. We've put together some fun and easy tips to leverage a smaller garden.

Go faux!
Having grass in a small space can make it impossible to mow or care for especially if it is fenced in. Why not give faux grass a go? Lifelike, affordable and effortless versions are available online or at most big-box hardware stores. Easy to install, this will provide the feel of grass without the hassle. And just think - no watering!

Get vertical
Buying a multi-shelf set kit to be assembled or single ones to hang on the fence or on the house itself can make it a great place for greenery. A few strategically placed plants can give the illusion of a lush garden without the cost or hassle of large shrubs or trees. Choosing herbs will make this a great source for the chef in your house. Again, there are even great upcycle pallet designs out there for a “green” way to add greenery such as this one

Tiered planters
A set of tiered planters will add heaps of height and greenery giving the illusion of more space. It maximises the area that you have for flowers, herbs, and grass.  If you are strategic about their weight, size, and placement you can buy ones that can be moved when needed to accommodate more guests.

Fold-up furniture
There are cute small bistro table and chair sets that will fit almost anyone’s budget. Don’t overlook bean bags as a cheap removable seating option as well.

A clean sweep
It may be stating the obvious but a good sweep and tidy will help make a space look bigger and sleeker. Before guests arrive, take some time to give your outdoor space a little cleaning love.

Let there be light!
Attaching solar pathway lights on a stick to your fence via zip/cable ties or a metal clamp is a genius way to cheaply and efficiently light your back garden. Not only will you save ground space since they are elevated but you won’t have to spend on power since the powerful NZ sun will get the job done.

Lovely outdoor lounge
Did you know that you can make a gorgeous lounge with pallet wood, cushions and very little skill in the way of carpentry?  Yes, for next to nothing in terms of cost you can have a posh seating solution that can be wheeled out of the way or even moved inside whenever needed. Add a couple of cheap end tables and you have an outdoor living room suited for royalty. Find out how to make it here.

Don’t let a small garden deter you from lingering outside in the sun. Why not use any of these hacks to make your garden a serene place to spend time.