Our sustainability work

We've accomplished quite a bit in a short space of time regarding our sustainability efforts, but we're always looking to do more and have greater involvement from everyone in the business.

Here's what we've accomplished so far:

Solar panels at Waiuku

Our Waiuku branch has proudly taken out the badge as the company's first branch to go solar, having installed a 6.88kWp On-Grid peak solar panel system on their Queen Street office roof.

The move to convert our branches to solar is part of a broader, network-wide initiative, reflecting our commitment to an earth-friendly future.

Recycling our corflute signage

We have partnered with Recycling Workx to recycle our old corflute signage. Corflute is baled at their premises before being granulated and pelletised back into raw material that can be used again to make items such as fence posts.

We are also working with our current signage suppliers to develop a seamless process for signage waste in the future.

Reducing our printing

We have seen a marked shift in what, and how much, we are printing. Our Property Management Centre is printing very few water rates and invoices now, while our Finance team at the Support Centre will be fully paperless by August 2023.

Front desk

We have seen 70% of our total volume DX bags cancelled since 2021. This can be attributed to the change in working habits off the back of COVID. It also represents a reduction in the carbon footprint of the delivery drivers we would have used otherwise.