Buying tips

From property inspection checklists to recommended reports, here are some tips to help you buy your next property and find out what happens in between purchase and possession.

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Property inspection checklist

Helpful tips on what to look for during a property viewing or open home, including checking out the condition of the home, property documents and developments and plans for the local area.

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What do I need to know about buying an apartment?

With more and more people moving to Auckland, and a abundance of great apartments on offer, buying an apartment is the perfect choice for many people. Check out our guide to buying an apartment and make sure you ask the right questions before you buy.

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Benefits of buying at auction

Buying at auction can be a great way to buy a home, providing many benefits that buyers may not be aware of. Auctions provide plenty of choice, are quick, transparent and give the buyer assurance they’ve paid the market price.

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