Our heritage

In 1923, Val Barfoot bought a tiny, run-down Newmarket land agency for just £75 and called the company "V. Barfoot Land Agent". A year later he was joined by his older brother Kelland and the name changed to "Barfoot Bros". In 1926, Val’s wife Christine Barfoot was the first person in the company and the first woman in New Zealand to pass the real estate exam.

In 1934, the Barfoot brothers were joined by Maurice Thompson and in 1940 the business became "Barfoot & Thompson" as we know it today.

From those small beginnings in Newmarket, we quickly grew to become Auckland's market leader. For over 100 years we've remained steadfastly family owned. The current Directors - Peter Thompson, Stephen Barfoot and Kiri Barfoot - are the grandsons and the granddaughter of the original owners.

Over the decades, the company has continued to grow, despite fluctuating market cycles, economic downturns, war times, changes in government regulations and more. Throughout our history, the families have maintained their integrity to make the company a success story and iconic New Zealand brand.

We have evolved over time, embracing technology, diversity in hiring, modern attitudes and innovations in the industry to become a company recognised on the international stage as the best in the world.

The two families could not be more proud of the size and scope of our services, unrivalled reputation, and the recognition received on a regular basis from industry experts.

How it all began