Our property management services

Whether you have a single rental property or a growing investment portfolio, our property management services will suit your needs.

1. Full property management service

    • Marketing your property - an online marketing campaign for your property, including free listing on Barfoot.co.nz and Realestate.co.nz.
    • Finding tenants - our find a tenant service includes interviewing, screening and credit and reference checks (see below for more details). 
    • Income collection and reporting.
    • Property maintenance - arranging repairs and providing advice and assistance. 
    • Inspections - thorough inspections of your property, including an initial inspection with the new tenant, regular follow-up inspections at a pre-arranged frequency, and a final inspection.
    • Market updates - ongoing advice on current market conditions and rental rates. Read our latest rental report in our Market Reports section.
    • Regular rent reviews.
    • Resolving disputes - our property managers conduct dispute resolution on your behalf.
    • Landlord newsletter - our Property Management Insider monthly e-newsletter is full of the latest rental data and trends and helpful landlord tips.


A very competitive fee of 8.5% +GST (9.5% + GST if the property is furnished) for all money collected and any repairs and maintenance we carry out on your behalf. 

NOTE: The fee is usually tax deductible. Extra costs may apply for credit checks and marketing upgrades. 


2. Find-a-Tenant service

  • Marketing your property - Property marketing campaigns, including listing on Barfoot.co.nz and Realestate.co.nz (a fee may apply for this service).
  • Interviewing tenants - Interviewing and screening of suitable prospective tenants through our rigorous selection process. Thorough credit and reference checks can be carried out.
  • Market updates - Advice on current market conditions and rental rates. Read our latest rental report in our Market Reports section.
  • The completion of all documentation, including the residential tenancy agreement
  • Bond lodging - Formal lodgement of bond monies with Tenancy Services


Minimal charges may apply.


3. Rental appraisal

Not sure how much rent you should be charging? 

If you want to know how much rent your property could achieve, or if you're charging the right amount, ask us for a rental appraisal.


Want us to manage your property or find you a tenant?

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