Day-to-day administration

  • Arrange maintenance of common property
  • Manage collection of levies (and debts) from owners
  • Operate interest-bearing, independent bank accounts for the complex
  • Manage payment of all expenses and manage contractors
  • Maintain a register of proprietors
  • Liaise with third parties on behalf of the complex including contractors, council and compliance officers
  • Help the committee enforce compliance of body corporate rules, memorandum of lease or residential society covenants

Annual operations

  • Prepare financial accounts and budgets
  • Coordinate auditing of financial statements
  • Organise, convene and prepare minutes for general meetings
  • Arrange the annual Reinstatement Valuation Certificate and insurance valuation
  • Operate a long-term maintenance fund, Contingency and / or Sinking Fund for future common area maintenance plan

Services as required

  • Set up and register a new body corporate, residents’ society or cross lease
  • Prepare disclosure statements or deeds of covenant for owners selling
  • Development of a long-term maintenance or improvement plan
  • Provide advice and governance in relation to the Unit Titles Act 2010, Regulations 2011, Memorandum of Lease or Deed of Covenants as requested, along with the Building Act and Health & Safety at Work Act.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s the hassle-free way to live in a multi-unit property. You will soon see that having the right professional onboard is the best safeguard to protect the body corporate, cross lease, residential society or any multi-unit complex as an entity, as well as the stakeholders.