Supporting Starship

Starship Foundation

We've been a sponsor of the Starship Foundation since 2003, raising an incredible $2.5 million during that time through a variety of creative and fun events.

Our Starship journey

We're fully committed to going above and beyond for Starship. Our staff have been involved in a huge variety of fundraising events over the years.

We look forward to announcing our 2017 staff challenge at the end of March, 

Our 2016 fundraising challenge

In 2016 we aimed to raise $160,000. Thanks to the amazing effort from our staff, we surpassed our goal in July, so a new challenge was set to raise $250,000. This goal was exceeded to, with our staff challenge raising over $280,000.

About the Starship Foundation

The Starship Foundation is a social-profit organisation that raises funds so Starship Children's Health can better care for more than 120,000 young patient visits each year. The Foundation is committed to raising more than $5 million annually to ensure every New Zealand family has access to world leading healthcare and experiences.

Would you like to donate to Starship?

A donation to Starship is always appreciated. Donate online now, or find out how else you can support Starship.