Supporting Starship

Starship Foundation

We've been a sponsor of the Starship Foundation since 2003, raising an incredible $4.5 million during that time through a variety of creative and fun events.

Our Starship journey

We're fully committed to going above and beyond for Starship. Our staff have been involved in a huge variety of fundraising events over the years.

About the Starship Foundation

Starship is New Zealand’s national children’s hospital, firmly focused on providing sustainable world class healthcare for all New Zealand children. There are nearly 135,000 patient visits to Starship Child Health each year including around 1000 outreach clinics all around the country.

Since 1992 the Starship Foundation has invested more than $135 million into Starship Child Health, helping bring better health and brighter futures to children across New Zealand every day.  The Foundation invests in impact programs which focus on equity to ensure no child is left behind, prevention to keep our children safe and healthy in the community, programs which save and extend lives, new technology and treatments which result in faster recovery and better outcomes, as well as supporting patient wellbeing, lifting spirits, emotional and family support.

Would you like to donate to Starship?

A donation to Starship is always appreciated. Donate online now, or find out how else you can support Starship.