Collective experience

Our collective experience provides a well-rounded exclusivity for our clients when exploring the sale or purchase of a business. When you are our client, we partner with you through each phase of the sale process, appraisal, marketing, meetings, negotiations, due diligence and settlement assisting in any way that delivers an effective result. If you are a purchaser, we use our comprehensive databases and marketing initiatives under a buyer mandate to uncover the right businesses for you.

Research capabilities

We are able to conduct confidential market analysis to develop a complete picture of the competitive set. This is used as part of the appraisal process to provide you with an independent view of market and enterprise value of your business.

Setting the stage for success

We will help you to secure the best price when selling or set the stage for success in your new business. No matter the scope of business, if you are interested in selling or purchasing, we can assist you with the right information, statistics and financial data.

Passionate about business sales

Irrespective of what business you have — manufacturing, importing and distribution or service industry —we can help. We are passionate about selling businesses or helping purchasers acquire and are committed to excellent results. Our expertise and dedication dovetails with our professional connections to produce exceptional results that will make us your team of choice.

We can connect you with the right purchasers. We have the ideal seller’s toolbox with our extensive databases, in-house marketing, industry connections and connections to industry websites.