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Our Director and resident expert Kiri Barfoot answers your most frequently asked questions about property management, tenants and other tricky subjects.

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Heating Requirements

16 April 2021

Autumn has arrived and with it comes with changes. Here's what landlords need to know about heating standards and requirements.

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What landlords should know about 2021

14 December 2020

It has certainly been a year with lots of ups and downs but we are so lucky to live in a place less affected than many other countries by the pandemic. As we look toward a new year, here's a few things that landlords can keep in mind in 2021.

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Healthy Homes Standards Claim Deductions

28 September 2020

Being a landlord comes with numerous responsibilities, one being submitting taxes related to your rental property. It's important to always consult your tax consultant or IRD directly for specifics on tax-deductions

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Taxes for landlords

25 March 2019

As a landlord, what you are able to claim back as part of your taxes can sometimes be easily overlooked. We put together a list of items that should appear on your checklist when completing your taxes.

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Why choose Barfoot & Thompson?

20 January 2019

Making the decision to choose a Property management company is not an easy one so we are pleased that you choose Barfoot & Thompson. Here's a summary of the services that we offer our landlords.

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How do I keep my property warm and dry in winter?

20 August 2018

As a landlord, ensuring that your property is dry and well-heated is a must. By law, you’re only required to provide a certain amount of heating to keep tenants comfortable; however, taking a few additional steps can save you a lot of maintenance in the long run.

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