What do I need to know about Alert Level 3 restrictions?

Although level 3 comes with restrictions it allows us to further support you.

Looking at the Tenancy Services guidelines, here are the key things you need to know at this level:

  • Tenants are allowed to move to a new house and moving companies will be able to help tenants. Movers will have to adhere to physical distancing rules and should keep records for contact tracing purposes.

  • Routine inspections of rental properties cannot take place unless it is an emergency situation, such as a landlord needing to confirm that emergency maintenance is required. Our property managers have been encouraging tenants to conduct self-inspections as an alternative during this time.

  • Maintenance can only occur in emergencies or with tenant approval. This might include plumbers, electricians, and tradespeople who can work on, and inside rental properties.

  • Professional services to clean or undertake maintenance of a vacant rental property can be arranged.

  • Open homes where multiple people view a property cannot take place.

  • In-person/private viewings for rental properties can take place under Alert Level 3 with some restrictions. If the property is tenanted, landlords will need approval from the tenants, and viewings should only occur when the tenants are not on the property.

  • During viewings, physical distance should be maintained and contact with surfaces kept at a minimum. Anything that is touched should be wiped with disinfectant. In-person/private viewings should be limited to two per day per property.

For further information visit the Tenancy Services website.