What are the benefits of having a property manager arrange maintenance?

Ask Kiri

There are numerous reasons why having a property manager arrange maintenance for your property is beneficial to you. Read on to find out the top six benefits.

1. Our network of trusted tradespeople.

Barfoot & Thompson Property Management has over 60 branches across Auckland and Northland, and we have a wide network of trusted and quality tradespeople for all kinds of repairs and maintenance. We have built strong connections with our tradespeople, and know that they will do the very best job for your property. 

2. Volume discounts

As Auckland's largest property management company, volume deals from tradespeople and maintenance providers are done through us. We can then pass those cost savings on to our landlords, meaning more money in your pocket. 

3. Regular inspections

Our property managers provide free regular inspections of your property, and therefore can spot where maintenance and repairs are needed. They will be able to advise you on what works are needed to keep your property in good condition. 

4. Availability and access

Property Management is our business, and we are available to get access to your rental property for repairs as soon as possible (with tenant permission) at regular - and non regular - hours of the day. This means you won't need to take time off work to oversee maintenance and repairs. 

5. Documentation

Our property managers record documentation of all maintenance, damages and so on, which will be beneficial for insurance or Tenancy Tribunal purposes. 

6. Health and safety

It is important that any repairs and maintenance for health and safety purposes is addressed promptly. Our tradespeople know the importance of completing such work as quickly as possible, as any delays could result in the tenant issuing you with a 14 day notice Work Order.