Why do I need professional photos of my rental property?

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Professional photography services are widely used for selling property, but there are numerous benefits to use it for your rental property listings as well.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to consider professional photography for your rental property:

  1. First and foremost, professional photography helps to showcase your rental property to its maximum potential. Wide-angle lenses, professional lighting, and digital image retouching all contribute to opening up your space making it appear more bright, airy and appealing.
  2. Professional photography helps your rental listing stand out from the rest, with the clarity, sharpness, warmth and high resolution of top-quality images adding credibility to your listing in a sea of smartphone photography. This in turn attracts not only more viewers, but a higher calibre of tenant as well.
  3. High-resolution professional photographs provide you with an accurate record of the pre-lease condition of your rental property, to refer to during and after a tenancy in case of damage or faults.
  4. Because of the above reasons, listings with professional photography tend to be let more quickly and for more rental revenue than those without, which means minimal vacancy time and maximum return on investment.
  5. Finally, as long as there hasn’t been any significant changes, professional photography is a one-off investment that you can use again and again, each time you re-lease the property. These photographs can also be used should you decide to sell the property, which is particularly beneficial if the tenants in the home don’t showcase the property to its full potential, or won’t allow you to photograph it while still present.

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