Why choose Barfoot & Thompson?

When it comes to selecting whom you choose to protect and manage your property day-to-day you will quickly realise that there is the best and then there is the rest. There is a reason that we are leaders in this field and that close to 17,300 properties are part of our portfolio. Simply put, we are the local experts with uncompromising standards in how we do business.

Sure, there may be others out there that charge less but what part of our extensive management services are you prepared to forgo to save a few dollars?

Stress free property management

With Barfoot & Thompson, not only do you have the strength of Auckland's largest and most trusted real estate company behind you. You also have peace of mind that experienced, property management professionals are looking after your investment.

Instead of having to do daily troubleshooting you can sit back and relax confidently knowing that your property is our top priority. Not sure where to begin? Let us find the perfect property manager for you! We are sure to have many people that will be a good fit.


We help you find the right tenants and help calculate rental rates

  • Rigorous selection and vetting process

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the local rental market will ensure you charge the right rates

  • Regular rent reviews ensure yours is in sync with market changes

  • We'll work hard to ensure your property is always tenanted

  • On average, across Auckland, Barfoot & Thompson secures $25 more rent per week than other companies and more in the case of private owners

  • We have high visibility across many websites. This means that your property is more likely to be seen and rented quickly

We resolve disputes 

Because property management is our area of expertise, we understand the current and upcoming legislation. We are immediately responsive to ensure compliance quickly and effectively. When required, our property managers represent our landlords at mediations and tenancy tribunal hearings.

You can trust that your money is in good hands

The handling of all rental funds is managed through our Support Centre accounting department. Unlike many other property management companies, all money collected on your behalf is held in an audited trust account. This means you know where your dollars are at any time. We also register tenant bonds as per the required 23 working days.

We have the local knowledge

Because our property managers are based in Barfoot & Thompson branches across Auckland and Northland, we understand the local rental market. We run regular property investment seminars for our property management clients, where you can hear the latest information and tips on the sales and rental market, the New Zealand and Auckland economy and so much more.

For more information contact one of our property managers.