What maintenance should I consider in Spring?

Spring is the ideal time to take care of any winter build-up. Here are some quick tips to consider:

Driveways and paths that are shaded during the winter most likely have moss buildup, making them slippery and a risk to tenants. Water-blasting is an effective way of cleaning up slippery surfaces and giving driveways a makeover.

A beautiful deck can be a draw card for potential tenants, but likewise an unattended one can put tenants off your property. Clean up decks that may be wet or losing their lustre. Regular clean ups will also extend the life span of the deck.

If you have a beautiful lawn area, make sure that it is well maintained. Show it off by also removing weeds, stones and rubble. Weed build-up can also create problems with dampness, especially at basement level.

Landscaping can add significant value to any property, and it doesn't have to be extravagant. Your curbs and entrances are the first parts of your house that gets seen, so it's worth adding some color to these areas with plants and appropriate foliage.

Hanging planters can also help brighten up a dull porch area or veranda and, if you can, factor in a vegetable or herb garden for your tenants as a value-add.

Roofs and gutters
While the weather is warm, get your roof checked out, clear gutters, and make any necessary repairs that could cause severe damage in the future and potentially cost a small fortune.

It’s a good time to give the exteriors a coat of paint to brighten up the aesthetic look of your property and prolong the life of timbers and surfaces. 

Chimney sweeps
If you used your fireplace to keep warm during winter, it may be time to sweep up and conduct some general roof maintenance.

Having a fully fenced garden is appealing to many families so if you have a larger home that isn't fenced, now may be a good time to consider fencing it.Existing fences may benefit from wash and a coat of paint to improve aesthetics.

Need a hand!

Did you know that your property manager can help organise your property maintenance or provide you with personalized suggestions based on your property. Call your property manager to arrange this or to find out more.