Creating your ideal office space

Most offices under-utilise around 25% of their space at any one time. Substantial savings can be made if this space is used more effectively.

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How much office space will I need?

Looking at 2019 office design trends at Gaze Commercial, we see our team of in-house designers working closely with clients to make the most of both large and sometimes limited spaces, with added design flair to create both a functional and enviable workplace. 

Many of our design & project briefs also confirm our clients’ expectations for an experience-driven space that combines both functional convenience and comfort including break out areas, multi-use meeting areas, moveable furniture with careful consideration of the placement of plants and other textures. 

These requirements continue to be measured against fundamental challenges such as budget, timing and the process necessary. Questions like “how much will it cost? how long will it take? and what is the process?” will immediately spring to mind in being able to meet functionality and workplace requirements. 

We all know that creating a modern workplace environment, embracing natural light and prioritising a connection to nature adds beauty and aesthetic power to the space you want to move into, but do you know how much office space you need before you even get started? 

Often crucially underestimated in terms of importance in the initial planning process, we help organisations gain the knowledge that the space they are looking at can meet their requirements so they can confidently move forward with leasing a property. We work with commercial agents across the country to assist with bringing a design ‘to life’, using hypotheticals, 3Ds and other visual aids that turn a vacant space into a true representation of what can be designed and built.

Office Space Evaluation

Most offices under-utilise around 25% of their space at any one time. Substantial savings can be made if this space is used more effectively.
12.50m2 is the current industry average per person. This is based on usable space which does not include areas such as toilets, stairs or lift lobbies.

Gaze carry out site surveys, space optimisation and planning along with the preparation of budget estimates to help with your property leasing and purchase decisions. The amount of space you require will vary depending on your business, however, below is a rough guide;

Average Space Calculation per person Sqm:

  • Average space per person including immediate circulation 6.0
  • Plus Immediate circulation 10%
  • Plus Conference facilities and break out 2.5


  • Add 15% interdependent circulation space 1.30
  • Storage and support facilities 1.20
  • Staff room / cafeteria facilities 1.50


Industry Average Space Requirements per person 

Approximate space requirements per person including offices, meeting rooms, circulation space etc. (circulation – 10% included) i.e. allow average circulation space of 10% of floor area. Industry Sqm average:

  • Call Centre 08-10
  • Insurance 09-12
  • Telecommunication / IT 08-13
  • Training 10-13
  • Employment Agency 12-14
  • Accountants 10-14
  • Corporate HQ 10-14
  • Sales 10-14
  • General / Admin 12-15
  • Lawyers 12-15

The above are averages provided as a broad indication for different cost levels commonly associated with projects. Every project varies according to the nature of your business, and the sizer of your overall tenancy. Generally, average square metre space per individual decreases as overall tenancy space increases.

We have over 35 years’ experience designing and fitting out commercial property and can help fundamentally change and improve the way in which your office space works. We bring productive and financial gain in all sorts of creative ways. 

For a personalised space analysis or full design brief consultation, please contact Jeremy Andrew, Account Director