Sustainability shouldn’t be hard or expensive

Introducing the Carbon Calculator by Spaceworks—facilitating your design and construction project to achieve Net Carbon Zero Certification.

Engaging Spaceworks and utilising the Carbon Calculator during the design stage is essential. It allows you to calculate your embodied carbon footprint at the beginning of your project. By implementing reduction strategies early in the process, you can maximise your environmental benefits.

The cost to run this tool on a medium-sized fit-out/build is negligible in relation to an overall project budget. The Carbon Calculator works in synergy with our Design and Workplace Strategy Process, meaning that design is not sacrificed for sustainability, and sustainability is not sacrificed for design. For the first time - they both are equally important and equally achievable.

Whether you are doing a full fitout or a small scale refurbishment, it’s time to take control of your environmental impact.

Every day, approximately 17,000 tonnes of construction waste are dumped into landfills. The carbon emissions from an average non-sustainable 600m2 fitout are equivalent to driving 150,000km in a car.

Tried and tested since its launch at the Auckland Climate Festival in 2022 the Carbon Calculator tool is cost-effective, user-friendly, and available now.

Join Spaceworks in the sustainability revolution!

To learn more, contact Bradley Keys +64 27 700 1555