Flexible working offices need flexible car parks

Flexible working has redefined what companies need from their staff car park. With fewer employees in the office, or fluctuations in how many people are present, the ideal staff car park must be equally flexible.

Making the most of your leased car parks

With flexible working, businesses need to balance two things:

  1. Their lease costs
  2. Their employee experience

No one wants their leased car parks to sit empty, but at the same time businesses want their people to have easy morning commutes.

In a perfect world, the number of car parks a business leases would fluctuate each day to match the number of employees driving into the office.

However, most companies are tied to a specific car park lease. The good news? That doesn’t mean you can’t make those leased spaces flexible and optimised.

This is where we can help

Kiwi tech company Parkable was built to make parking flexible.

With the Parkable app, you can easily share parks between whichever employees are driving into the office, or even make excess parks available to the public to recoup lease costs.

This creates great experiences, and ensures that real estate is being fully utilised.


How it works:

  • Share allocated car parks between staff
  • Allow staff to book parking in advance
  • Share vacant staff parks with paying members of the public
  • Enable paid parking

Flexible parking in action

Tonkin + Taylor

  • Prior to Covid-19, onsite parking at Tonkin + Taylor was an allocated perk that select employees paid for annually.
  • After flexible working, staff no longer wanted to pay for an allocated park, leaving Tonkin + Taylor to foot the bill for their car park lease.
  • Tonkin + Taylor implemented Parkable to open their car park to the entire team, so their parks could be used and paid for by anyone driving into the office.
  • Staff use the Parkable app to book parking in advance and easily pay for parking, retaining Tonkin + Taylor’s revenue stream from staff parking.
  • Parkable also saved Tonkin + Taylor’s admin team 400 hours every year on management of the car park.
  • Plus, 2 in 3 of their staff say it’s now easier to plan their commute with Parkable.

Oyster Property

  • Oyster Property had vacant parking space at their Auckland property, Millennium.
  • They wanted these parks to be available for their tenants’ staff when required, but didn’t want them to sit empty gathering dust the rest of the time.
  • Oyster implemented Parkable to make their excess parks available to paying members of the public, in order to generate revenue.
  • When their tenants require more parking space, Oyster can easily and quickly reduce the number of parks available to the public to accommodate their tenants’ needs.

Want to find out more?

Visit https://parkable.com/carpark-management
Contact Parkable at hello@parkable.com