Innovation in agile workspace management

In any workplace, it’s critical for staff to feel valued. But sometimes agile workspaces can leave staff feeling unappreciated. That's where FloorSense and FloorSight come in.

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Agile work environments can be great. Used correctly, they’re more cost-effective, offer greater flexibility to staff, and can provide a more dynamic workspace than a traditional office setting. But sometimes they can also cause major HR and operational headaches. 

One key problem in an agile workplace is the loss of personal desk space and the privileges that go with it.  For instance, if your agile office runs on a “first-in, first-served” basis, any parents who have a school run are likely to miss  out on the best desk spaces. The staff who can manage an early start-time will always get in first, no matter what their hierarchy is on the team. 

In some offices, the demand for desk space is so high it can be a daily game of musical chairs just to find a good spot to work from. With staff always changing their desks, you can also have trouble locating someone in the office, or seeing if the new contractor is around today to ask a quick question. It can also be hard to know if said contractor has been clocking their time correctly, without  causing any awkward tension or making them feel undervalued. 

Both FloorSense and FloorSight solve these issues by providing electronic desk user monitoring, for real-time occupancy management. 
These two workspace reservation products have been created by Floorsense LTD, who James Dodunski is a small part of, along with leading professionals in furniture design, office fit-out, IT hardware, and software development.

So, what are they?


FloorSense uses intelligent sensor hardware and heatmaps to monitor workspace utilisation, reporting real-time data back to you through a dedicated radio channel. It discreetly gathers the ‘what-where-when-why’ without disclosing ‘the who’. This allows you to best evaluate ‘the how’ to better use your space. 
Your real-time data helps you to answer questions such as “are there enough desks?”, “are there too many 
desks?”, “do staff prefer sit-stand areas?”, and “are there enough private and/or meeting spaces?”. 
This information is vital for improving the functionality and use of your floor space, driving overhead savings and productivity gains. 
FloorSense has a discreet, under-desk sensor and is a low-cost, IT-free, and non-invasive method for getting reliable statistics.


Floorsight, the next level up from floorsense, monitors and collects data for each individual staff member. 
It pairs FloorSense’s under-desk monitor with a top-of-desk device with its own smart software to allow for a wide range of advanced solutions. Staff simply use their pre-existing building cards or FloorSight app to activate the monitor. 
Data from FloorSight can be used for more accurate time-sheeting and for identifying which areas in the office are best in terms of use and productivity. 
FloorSight also provides the data required for ‘FindMe’ – a feature that locates individuals at the touch of a button. FindMe is useful for management, HR, and staff alike, especially when working in large corporations that use an agile, activity-based or hot-desk approach.

But wait – there’s more...
Individuals and groups can book their desired workspace in advance either through the app (which is free to all staff and included in the package) or with pre-existing building access cards. The FloorSight above-desk device has a “traffic light” that shows the availability of a desk and/or worker, as well as doubling up as a wireless or USB charger.

Simply put?

If you’re a staff member working in an agile workspace, you’ll know where you’re working, and you’ll be able to find your co-workers and employees with ease. 

If you want to tackle a mounting workload without interference – or really have nothing more to say about the latest All Blacks win – you can use your “traffic light” to deter interruptions. 

  • If you’re a business owner paying for a contractor’s time, you can find out exactly how long they’ve been on the job. 
  • If you’re a contractor, you can monitor invoiceable time and track your productivity. 
  • If you’re a staff member who needs a certain desk for a certain reason at a certain time, you can book it easily, without having to notify the entire office. 
  • If you’re a business owner, your HR and accounting will be made easier and faster with in-depth, easy-to-read analytic reports of staffing, payroll, budgeting, and financial forecasting. 

These products are only just hitting the market, but they are already hugely popular across several major corporations. We are excited to share this innovation with other businesses with activity-based, agile, open-plan, and hot-desk environments.

Contact James for more information on how FloorSense or FloorSight can be of benefit to your business.