Alberts: Where nimble workspaces are the new normal

An iconic building is being reborn on 1 Albert Street, delivering an exciting new office and workplace concept that is a perfect fit for the new ways of working that the 21st Century demands.

Introducing Alberts, a new office concept through which SMEs can secure a front row seat in A-Grade CBD office space for city fringe pricing. 1 Albert Street is the flagship building among Alberts’ five locations within Auckland, all of which offer SMEs high quality office environments, the latest technology, world-class amenities and superb CBD locations. 

Alberts’ core goal is to make the workplace solution simple for tenants, enabling SMEs to downsize and reduce costs through flexible capacity and lease terms, and in turn giving organisations the opportunity to grow and breathe while upgrading to A-grade premises. 
All-inclusive, ready-to-use and fully fitted out Private Suites are the core of the Alberts offer, ideal for 4-15 people. Along with Bespoke Suites, which enable teams of 15+ to design their own space, the Alberts concept enables organisations to benefit financially and structurally by delivering a smaller footprint through an all-inclusive rental package which is easy to budget, with no upfront capital expenditure.

Alberts is also about world-class amenities, destination food & beverage, and a private tenants’ club offering collaborative areas and events. Essentially, Alberts does the work for SMEs, wrapping many services and amenities around the whole day’s needs, creating an inspiring and ambitious place for SMEs to engage and succeed. 

Spaces that flex and grow with you 

Kylie Metzener, Leasing Manager at Alberts, says many organisations are searching for workspaces that will flex and grow with them as patterns of work continue to change. “We know that in this day and age businesses need a great more flexibility from their spaces and lease structures than in the past. This is to enable them to be nimbler in their day-to-day operation, and to take advantage of increasing levels of collaboration between organisations, so our spaces must cater for it.” 

Craig Pellet, CEO of Streamline and a founding tenant at Alberts, is a living example of this approach. He says that his company’s work model is evolving to solve business process challenges by collaborating with an ecosystem of partners, sister companies and customers. “We do that remotely but also in person; Alberts offered space to work together when we need to. It gave us an ideal base or a ‘home’ we could all get to easily and not spend all day travelling for work.

Alberts offers CBD space at up to 30% less per desk over four years than a traditional city fringe lease.

“Financially, when you consider our footprint is smaller than it was, a decision to incorporate working from home and working from the office makes sense. For example, our suite fits seven people and we are a team of 12. Our office is rarely full, simply because many of our team work from home. Our lives are far calmer now we have utilised the Alberts space.” 

Confidence in a safe working environment 

Kylie comments that more SMEs are also looking for a secure workspace to provide their teams with confidence that health and safety is top of mind. “We are seeing more concern from prospective tenants around coworking space where the tenant doesn’t have control on their own environment. Alberts provides them with that control and confidence through offering secure space via suites that are designated for that tenant only. Alberts also delivers rigorous cleaning and safety checks to reassure our tenants that we are providing the safest environment possible.” 

When asked what advice he would give to other SMEs looking for new space to enable new ways of working, Craig replies, “Just do it! We like how we are not limited to just our suite. Any client going into Alberts will notice it has a relaxed and comfortable feel to it and it is a great place to do business. 

“We made a call with our business. We cannot seat our whole team in our office, but Alberts suited our business journey. We made the decision based on location, style, what we do and where we are going. With Alberts there is huge flexibility and ability to grow. The model fitted with our lifestyle and our commitment to remote working.”

The Albert Suites, a simple concept of plug-and-play spaces for individual companies, is proving to be the most in-demand workspace within Alberts. Anyone interested in experiencing true design quality, customer service, technology and an unrivalled CBD location for their business should consider Alberts as their next workplace destination.

Alberts Private Suite: ready-to-use secure offices where tenants can walk in and start working. Perfect for SMEs teams of 4-15 people, this is a cost-effective and efficient way to provide teams with a central city hub at an excellent price.

Alberts Bespoke: a made-to-measure space designed in conjunction with your needs and brand. Fully fitted out and secure, this is suitable for SME teams of 15 or more. With the refit at no cost to tenants, you can enjoy a flexible space offering high-quality design and a modern solution to ensure your organisation works smarter.