6 back to work office design hints

office with chairs

With everyone heading back to the workplace we have put together some helpful office design hints to assist with the transition.

1. It's time to re-shape

Reconfigure your workstations so that you optimise your current workspace, but still allow for physical distancing.

Modular desk systems combined with clever space planning will provide the best of both worlds.

2. Get flexible

To reconfigure for sub-leasing or to create distinct ‘bubbles’ within one space consider flexible furniture options.

Moveable acoustic booths can be used to break up spaces and can be taken with you when you relocate. They really can transform a space, and without huge cost.

3. Be a greeny

Plants can have multiple purposes.

As well as looking great and promoting a sense of wellbeing, plants can be creatively used to demark space.

Vertical planting screens between zones, and planting between work points visually breaks up desk runs, as well as creating safe zones of separation.

4. Let carpet lead the way

Carpet inserts or vinyl inlays, used as visual cues, can remind us to keep a healthy distance.

Easily retro-fitted, inserts will still be in keeping with the overall design aesthetic.

5. Clean is cool

An easy-reach provision at each desk for cleaning products means people are more likely to make use of them and importantly stay healthy.

Caddies can be retrofitted - they're practical and can look great too!

6. Screen it up

The addition of a simple screen partition to your existing workstations will help keep everyone safe and it won't detract from the overall look and feel of the space.

Combinations of acoustic screens, with height added by perspex, maintains visual connection and softens sound, adding texture and colour to avoid a sterile feel.  Outline Design is a leading commercial interior design firm, specialising in designs and fitouts within the corporate, hospitality, education, healthcare, sports and leisure sectors. Our services include space planning, conceptual, interior and graphic design, project management, workspace brand strategy and workflow analysis, change management, furniture & fittings specification and procurement and of course all the nitty gritty stuff like local authority consents. Creating beautiful spaces is at the core of what we do. But we also understand that a workspace is an important business tool for our clients. So we create places that are not only inspiring to look at and to be in, but they help our clients work more productively, more efficiently and more profitably.

Over the past 20 years, Outline Design has transformed spaces across the country for some of New Zealand’s best-known brands.

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