A closer look at the average rent for two bedroom properties

We manage over 3,400 two bedroom properties across the Auckland region. The average rent for these properties is $410.

Prices have maintained a 4-5% increase over the past few years. There has however, been a slightly larger (7%) increase over the last few months.

Average rental - two bedrooms by property type

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  Apartment Townhouse House 
Auckland Region as of 1 Sept 2015 
$497 $464 $400 $386
Auckland Region as of 1 Sept 2014
Auckland Region as of 1 Sept 2013  $460  $414  $359  $341 
Average rental for 2 bedroom properties over the past 12 months

Units most popular

Units make up nearly half of the two bedroom properties that we manage.

Breakdown by property type

Apartments and townhouse command highest rent

Apartments and townhouses consistently receive higher rental than the Auckland average. Both apartments and townhouses tend to be in more central locations and command a premium price for that reason.

Proximity to the central city a factor

Apartments receive the highest rent, with an average of $497.06. Proximity to the central city seems to be the greatest determinant for the amount of rent received for two bedroom properties.

Average rental amount by property type
Average rental by suburb