Rental costs of living with pets

For renters, having a pet is often challenging especially if you live in Central Auckland. We took a look at how having a pet affects rental prices.

It is safe to say that Aucklanders love their pets as 64% have at least one in their home. Our furry friends are beloved family members who make it all the more welcoming to set foot in the door each day. While we wouldn’t be without them, it is worth noting that our favourite pets come with quite a price tag beyond the toys, vet visits and food.

Brace yourself, because if you live in Central Auckland you must be prepared to pay a premium for a place that allows pets. Rents are 49% higher if you have an animal. However, in the Central suburbs, Eastern suburbs, North Shore, South Auckland, West Auckland and Northland rents are only around 8 - 9% more.

 Renting with pets

 A bit more challenging for those that wish to live closer to the CBD with a feline or pup is that only 2% of landlords in central Auckland allow animals.You can look to the North Shore though for more options since 20% of properties here allow pets. South Auckland owners are a bit more flexible too with 21% permitting them.

 Renting with pets 2

Why are landlords so averse to having pets in their properties? Typically the damage they can cause to carpets, walls and wooden floors is the biggest concern. Also, pets can be a nuisance to neighbours if they bark, mess with rubbish, become aggressive or get loose. Having said this, tenants with pets can still be accommodated if landlords consider pet damage cover. 

In a competitive rental market like Auckland where there is a bigger pool of renters than rental properties, landlords don’t have to make as many concessions. However, where possible, don’t be afraid to negotiate with a prospective landlord.

For more tips and advice contact your property manager.