Our leasing services

Our leasing team provides a comprehensive range of services for both landlords and tenants, helping facilitate the best working relationship and best outcome.

We help both landlords and tenants understand potential issues that can arise, which can include; ratchet clauses (a rental control clause in a lease), make-good provisions (requirements that appear in most leases), rent review mechanisms, rights of renewals, and expansion and contraction provisions (requirements that many tenants add to long term leases).

Speak to one of our managers about your leasing requirements.

Services for landlords

  • Source suitable tenants for your space 
  • Advice on the legal processes and guidance throughout the negotiation process 
  • Advice on current and future market conditions: supply and demand, rental levels, market trends and more

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Services for tenants

  • Identify suitable potential premises’ to lease
  • Advice on the legal processes and guidance throughout the negotiation process 
  • Guidance on spacing requirements and additional space options as your company expands

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The range of properties we lease

  • Offices - from whole buildings to single office floors and part floors
  • Retail - small and large shops and national chain stores 
  • Industrial - all size and types of industrial properties from showroom spaces, to light and heavy manufacturing properties within zones that permit noxious uses
  • Project leasing - we have a dedicated team who look after new projects ’off the plans’, for new developments.

For more information on project leasing contact one of our commercial managers.

Our leasing clients

  • Precinct Properties Ltd 
  • Property for Industry 
  • DNZ Property Ltd 
  • Auckland International Property Ltd 
  • Manson TCLM 
  • Auckland Racing Club 
  • Dilworth 
  • Fisher Funds 
  • Family Trusts
  • Private Individuals 
  • Goodman Property Trust 
  • Argosy Property 
  • Auckland Council Property Ltd 
  • Kiwi Income Property Trust.