A closer look at larger properties in Auckland

We manage over 3,000 properties in Auckland with four or more bedrooms. Find out which ones receive the highest rent, and how things have changed over the last couple of years.

Average rental price

Of the 3,000+ properties with four or more bedrooms that we manage across Auckland, the average rental price is currently $668.

These larger properties have maintained a 5 - 6% increase in rent per annum over the past few years.

Average rental over time - 2013 to 2015

Property type

Over 90% of the four+ bedroom properties that we manage are houses, with a few townhouses, apartments and flats making up the rest of the properties.

Properties managed by property type

Average rental price by property type

Townhouses receive the highest rent, probably due to their location in more central areas.

We manage 192 townhouses, with an average rent of $745 per week.

Average rental by property type

Rental value differential between property types

Rental value differential by property type

Average rent per suburb

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Region Average rent per week
Central Auckland $730.00
Central Suburbs $777.07
Eastern Suburbs $853.38
Franklin/Manukau Rural $523.88
North Shore $717.73
Pakuranga/Howick $655.18
Rodney $616.01
South Auckland $563.11
West Auckland $588.49