Difference in rent and proportions for pet-friendly rentals

We examine our data on pet-friendly rentals to see differences in average rent and proportions of pet-friendly properties between areas.

  • Tenants being allowed to have pets is regularly an issue we see with rentals. 
  • The risk of damage from pets often means landlords don't wish to allow them in their investment properties. 
  • According to the NZ Companion Animal Council, around 64% of NZ households are home to at least one pet. 
  • 11% of our new rentals in the past 12 months have allowed tenants to have pets, and on average have received an additional $54.46 per week. 

Central Auckland has only no pets allowed tenancies, as the central Auckland area is predominantly apartments. Numbers are from new tenancies signed up in the past 12 months to end of August 2017 from Barfoot & Thompson rental analytics.

Considering allowing pets? 

Get some helpful tips in our handy pet guide for landlords.

Average rental with pets and without
Proportion of rentals that allow pets