Nationwide rental analysis

We take a closer look at rental data across Auckland and major centres nationwide.


  • Auckland's North Shore remains the highest priced area for rents as at the end of December 2017, with a weekly rate of $608.
  • Although this is still significantly above the other areas we analyse, the rate of increase has slowed in the past few years. 
  • Both Franklin and Rodney have seen increases in the past few years of over 20% (over the national average of 15%), showing that, with Auckland's population increase, people are spreading further around the region. 
Average rentals nationwide


  • Of the major cities we looked at, only Wellington has priced close to the amount that Auckland properties receive. Due to earthquake strengthening work over the past few years, Wellington's rental property supply has been affected. 
  • Christchurch has seen negative growth in rentals received, and now compares to Hamilton, which has been seeing steady growth. 
  • Christchurch saw a steep increase in rental prices after the 2011 earthquakes, since then remedial work and new builds have been becoming available. 
  • Whangarei has also seen a sharper increase than the national average, increasing by $92 in the past 4 years - an increase of 29%.

This information is from the Department of Building and Housing, 3 bedroom properties, by all property types - taken from bond data.