Rent vs. distance from Britomart

  • As a general rule, the closer to the central city a property is, the greater the rental income.
  • Central Auckland three-bedroom properties currently return $1,020 per week; this is $462 higher than the all-Auckland average.
  • Franklin / Manukau Rural (where the average distance from the central city is 52.38kms) receives the lowest amount per week; $108 below the Auckland-wide average.
  • Eastern Suburbs and Central Suburbs are closely aligned, with average distances below 10kms from Britomart and average rental prices within a $30 average range.
  • Although North Shore and West Auckland have similar distances, there is $83 dollars between the averages for these areas; this is a 14% difference in the average rental. 
  • The current purchase price of a three-bedroom North Shore home is 20% more than that of a West Auckland home.
Average rent and average distance to Britomart
Distance to Britomart table