Suburb Spotlight : Ponsonby

Ponsonby has the trifecta of urban living perfection with food, fashion and gourmet shopping all at your doorstep. With a central location, this chic neighbourhood is ideal for both families and couples.

It is almost split down the middle as far as statistics with 42% of residents having children and 45% without, giving the vibe of a friendly mix of families, professionals and retirees. Single people have to look no further than Ponsonby for a place brimming with entertainment options. No matter what your lifestyle, Ponsonby is hard to say “no” to with its amenities and charm.

The first thing that you will notice upon arrival in Ponsonby is that good portions of it have been meticulously preserved with ample properties that look like time has stood still. In fact, 67% of homes were built between 1870 and 1940. Don’t let the dates fool you into thinking these are dilapidated properties. Owners have taken incredible pride in carefully renovating over the years making them state-of-the-art while keeping classic Kiwi architecture. At holiday time, the iconic Franklin road comes alive with twinkling Christmas lights and crowds of onlookers wanting a bit of summertime seasonal cheer.

At a glance, census data reflects a rather young and affluent population with 76% of residents being under the age of 49 and 54% having an income of over $100,000 annually. Almost half of the people who live here drive to work so car parks are an amenity that many are seeking when looking for a home. 

Rentals are more expensive than similar properties in different parts of the city. This could make it attractive to investors looking to expand their portfolio. As of July 2019, the average two-bedroom in central suburbs was about $522 per week. In Ponsonby, it is close to double the city average, a two-bedroom rents at around $657.50.

 Ponsonby graph 1

For those wanting to purchase, prices are lower year-on-year and with interest rates at appealing levels, Ponsonby makes a great deal of sense. During Q1 2018, the average sale price was $1,709,816 and during Q1 2019, it was $1,625,143. This reflects that prices were down a little over 5% when comparing these financial quarters.

Ponsonby graph 2

Foodies need to look no further for an area that will leave your kitchen unused for days on end. You can walk off calories in between eateries as you wander up and down Ponsonby Road. There are Italian restaurants so divine that reservations are usually required as people queue up to get a seat. There are many places that give diners a taste of a variety of East Asian cuisines and bespoke cocktails that are Instagram worthy.  

Pubs and bars have solid Kiwi fare and shared platters during the day and is a fun sipping spot after the sunsets. No matter what you are craving you can score casual barbecue, burgers and dumplings that will keep you coming back for more. At the heart of the area, you will find Ponsonby Central with cute cafes, fancy food vendors and eclectic boutiques.

Ready for a bit of pampering? Well, Ponsonby has got you covered from an endless number of salons ready to get your hair looking super sophisticated or even a little funky. There seems to be a salon or two on each block that is a tad pricey but they can work serious magic with their transformative packages. Manicures and pedicures at various spas will give you the best colours on-trend in a serene setting. In addition, yoga studios, massages, facials and more make this area a beauty mecca.

Ready for some retail therapy?  Try Tatty’s for second-hand luxury goods at a fraction of the retail price. Homegrown and Australian designers - Zambesi, Superette, Storm, Kate Sylvester and Sass and Bide have racks full have the latest fashions. There are independently owned bookstores, antique shops, homeware stores and even a fairy princess store that make afternoon wanders an absolute treat.  

Yes, there is a reason that Ponsonby is such a weekend destination for Aucklanders for food and fun.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous to call it home every single day?

For more information on homes on the market and rentals in the Ponsonby area, give the local branch a call.